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Ghanaian Artiste Shatta Wale – I preach the word of God through my music


Shatta Wale has made a surprising revelation concerning his kind of music. According to him, his lyrics reflect God’s word.

The singer made this known in a video he uploaded on his social media timeline and he maintained that his music is the medium he uses to reflect God and also preach the word of God to the public by trying to motivate and advice his fans with his life experience.

He also said that his fans and followers should form a habit of giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what truly belongs to him.

The Ayoo hitmaker went on to disclose that he has been receiving several text messages from unidentified people that have threatened his life.

According to Shatta, the world is a crazy place but no one can hurt him because he is above such petty threats.

He says;

“If you don’t know who God is, all I want to say is that give what belongs to Cesar to Cesar and give what belongs to God to God. Let’s face facts in the world. In my life nobody can threaten me because I owe nobody. The only person I owe in this world because I owe him my life,” the dancehall singer said.

He then went further to say:

Today Shatta Wale, tomorrow that, you are all my dogs. I came to this world to preach the word of God through my music. Do you know how many times I sing trying to advise people about things? The world is a crazy world, when you are not crazy you can’t live in this world. Nobody can threaten me. Those people threatening me, sending me text messages; let me tell you that none of that can work on me because I have seen worst,”


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