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He gives me half chop sometimes, and i beg my husband to make love to me ; Woman reveals


A woman has cried out over the behavior of her husband who starves her emotionally and se.xually and is also physically abuses her.

The  Anambra state indigen, contacted the humanitarian group Due Process Advocate, DPA to seek help regarding her predicament. She complained that her husband cheats on her,beats her, even when she’s pregnant, and never makes love to her except she begs for it.


In her words: “I have to beg him before he make love to me. Sometimes he give me half chop and complain tiredness. I will endure because I am from poor family.”

The mother-of-five said he also intimidates her such that she can’t talk back at him. She went on to reveal that he dates married women within their neighborhood, even women in their compound and in their street. He doesn’t try to hide it and goes as far as answering their calls in her presence. But she can’t confront him because that will only result in more beatings.

She now wants to leave the marriage but doesn’t know how to proceed,as the man only paid her bride price and they never legalized the marriage in any way

Below are screenshots of the message she sent to DPA.


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