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Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat in 2015, because he knew the nation would hit economic recession – Fashola


Minister of works and former governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola said former President Goodluck Johnathan only conceded defeat after the 2015 elections because he knew the nation would witness economic recession soon.

He said this at a South-west town hall meeting, Fashola also said that Jonathan only relinquished power because he wanted to avoid being at the helm of affairs during the recession.

According to Premium times, Fashola revealed the Goodluck government not only plunged the nation into recession but pushed it into debts.

What was left behind were massive debts owed to contractors who had not been paid for three to five years and who had laid off thousands of workers and shut down equipment and plants. That was one of the reasons why the economy first went into, and, I suspect, one of the reasons they (Goodluck administration) quickly conceded defeat,” he said.



  1. Invariably your are telling Nigerians that your Buhari’s/APC led government will not leave office, even if he loses; because you don’t envisage recession. Sometimes I wonder whether there is a part in APC doctrines called “blame”.

    This government is full of failures and disappointment yet people like Fashola chose to blame past tenures rather than face the jobs they’re elected/appointed to do.

    It’s a show of shame to read such a lazy and senseless statement from a minister in Nigeria

  2. In seeking relevance never drag someone in the mud #MrMinisterofworks
    Too much failure in the power sector and that should be your utmost concern. Don’t you think your ministry has a lot to do in bringing this nation out of recession. Talk less and work more.

  3. hey man….you were wrong, concept of Jonathan conceding defeat has being erroneously taking out of context, impression and moral judgement by you, Mr. Power Sector. #Fashola#


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