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Guber Aspirant – ‘Imo State is Bankrupt, Rochas owes Banks N200bn’


An Imo state governorship aspirant on the platform of the Action Democratic Party(ADP), Pascal Ikenna Ejiogu, has alleged that Governor Rochas Okorocha has been finding it difficult to pay salaries and pensions because Imo State has no money.

According to Pascal Ikenna Ejiogu, Rochas Okorocha’s administration is in debt to commercial banks to the sum of N200 billion.

Ejiogu, who doubles as an industrial chemist and cybersecurity expert, made this in a statement yesterday when he declared his aim to run for next year’s governorship race.

He criticizes what he described as corruption in the state and accused the current administration of running the state in debt saying:

“Imo State now depends solely on the monthly federal allocation to survive.

“The current administration has run Imo aground as the state has gone bankrupt, and that is why the governor is not able to pay salaries and pensions regularly, and whenever he decides to pay, he pays only 70 percent.

“Today, the state’s indebtedness to commercial banks stands at N200 billion, and the governor of Central Bank of Nigeria has advised banks not to lend money to the state as it has exceeded the borrowing limit.

“So, today, the state is only surviving on monthly federal allocation,” Ejiogu said.

Pascal Ikenna Ejiogu criticized the high rate of unemployment of the youth in the state. He accused the current administration’s inability to provide a conducive environment, which would have attracted other investors both in and outside Imo state.

Ejiogu said if he will be elected as governor he would solve the issue by providing the conducive environment for the venture capitalist, such as making land accessible to them.

“If elected governor, I will make sure willing investors are provided with lands to site their factories.

Already, I’m discussing with General Electric on the issue of power because without regular power supply, there would be no industrial activity in the state, because, we have abundant gas in Ohaji, which we can utilize to provide electricity for the state.”

Pascal Ikenna Ejiogu has promised that if he is being elected, his administration would tap into the state’s agricultural and tourism potentials which he said the current administration has only paid lip service to.

When Sun Newspaper contacted for Governor Rochas’ office for a reaction, Governor Okorocha’s Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo, simply dismissed the allegation that the state is unable to pay regular salaries and pensions because it is bankrupt as frivolous.


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