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He is competent and helps to sort out complex issues – president Buhari praises VP Osinbajo


President Muhammadu Buhari praised Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, again for his competence and dedication to the service of the country.

The President made the remarks on Tuesday during a special occasion to mark the Id El-Fitr celebrations at the State House Banquet Hall, Abuja.

President Buhari noted that Vice President Osinbajo connects with all Nigerians, President Buhari said the VP helps in sorting out complex things in the Presidency.

President Buhari said, “After the Vice President’s speech, I won’t have much to say. In a way, you must understand his difficult position. As constitutionally the number two man of the country, he is always being seen *but not being heard. On special opportunities, he appeals to you* *because he knows what he is going through, very quietly and very competently*

I am very pleased because he is such a competent lawyer, and he has some experience. So I am exploiting his very fervent constituency through him to see us through in the many complex  (things) in the Presidency.”

Recall that President Buhari oraised the VP a few weeks ago for the impact of the adminstration’s National Social Investment Programmes (N-SIP), which is supervised by the VP.


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