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Herdsmen run for their lives, as thunder allegedly struck 36 cows to death in Ondo state


Some herdsmen ran for their lives, after the 36 cows they took to graze at the mountain top of Ijare community in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State without permission from the community leaders, were allegedly struck dead by thunder on September 21.

The cows the herdsmen took to graze at Owa mountain which is reportedly reserved for Kings, were scattered all over the mountain by the thunder strike.

A community source who confirmed the incident said the Fulani herdsmen incurred the wrath of their gods by desecrating the sacred groove which is forbidden in the town. 

See more photos below;

Source – LIB


  1. Yes, the Herdsmen have actually met their Waterloo. I wished the thunder struck them to death as well,not only the cows.
    At least,this will serve as a deterrent to many other Herdsmen who think that the people’s lands now belong to the Fulani ,due to wrong perception inculcated on them by their Kinsman who mistakenly found himself at the Helm of Affairs in this Political Dispensation.

    Nemesis will continue to catch them up. The gods of the land never sleep!


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