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Holding church service online is not in the scripture – Rev Chris Okotie


Senior Pastor of the Household of God Church International Ministries, Rev Chris Okotie has said that holding of Church service online due to the outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is totally unscriptural.

Rev Okotie, in a sermon titled, “The COVID-19 Mystery,” maintained that the deadly disease is a satanic conspiracy to challenge the power of God by keeping Christians out of the church.

He said:

“We are dealing with one of the most sinister conspiracies in human history. What we call the online church is absolutely untrue, because for you to be in church, you have to be ecclesia, which is translated from the Greek word, ec, which is out, and the word caleo, called out.

“You cannot gather unto God until you are called out. That’s why Israel was called out of the world. So, this thing, this phenomenon that we are talking about, the Internet and cyber churches, is totally unscriptural.

“God knows where you are; if He was not interested in the assembly, you don’t need to come to church; you can pray in your house. I pray in my house. You praise in your house. I praise in my house. He can see all of us. He doesn’t need computers. But that denies Him who He is; so, we must – that’s why the bible puts that verse as an imperative – you must not forsake the assembly of yourselves together.”

Okotie had earlier accused Microsoft founder Bill Gates of leading a global conspiracy to destabilize the world economy and execute a “satanic agenda” against the church.

Last month, he also kicked against the Christian Association of Nigeria’s (CAN) proposed social distancing guidelines for churches, saying: “Social distancing in the Church of Jesus Christ is tantamount to blasphemous infidelity and an impeachment of the integrity of the Word of God.’


  1. Remember the word of the Lord, “a time is coming and now it is that those who worship God would neither go to the mountain nor Jerusalem but they that would worship Him would do it in spirit and in Truth.”
    Worship of God is of the heart: Truth and in spirit. Worship in redemption is not an outward worship but of the heart.
    More so, the Church is not the physical structure but the convergence of believers. It is the people coming together to share fellowship which does not necessarily connote the gathering of a million worshippers. A family unit consists of a Church. Also, He said “where two or three are gathered in my name I am in the midst of them. What are we saying therefore, this is a time to encourage our members to repair their family altar where the head of the family who is now a pastor takes charge with the wife to support in praise.
    If we say there is no on line service in the Bible, where is our authority from the same Bible to support our use of microphone and speakers. I am sure no one can point to where Jesus who is the Head and owner of Church left us an example.
    Online worship or service became expedient in the circumstance we found ourselves. Surprisingly, we as leaders in the Church seem not to realize that this time is challenging our different callings. We found preach to our admirers that we are the salt and light of the world, this is the time to lead the efforts to provide answers to the situation we are in as a Nation. Otherwise, let us support the Government in her efforts. Christians should be good citizens and not be confrontational to Government of the land. Jesus is in us and not in the building. Remain blessed


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