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House Maid Was Caught Feeding a 1-yr-old baby with a Liquid Soap (Video)


A young girl who is a maid has been caught after she poisoned her boss’ 1-year-old baby with liquid soap in Lagos. when the maid was caught she said she did it purposely because she wanted to leave.

In the Video, the young girl could be seen being interrogated by an older woman.

Watch video of them questioning the house help below. Instagram user, Desola Sholanke shared a video of the girl and wrote;


These are the response to the video:

I. There Is Nothing You Can Do To Those Maid That Will Plase Them …Even Creche workers can be so wicked ..I’ve seen where an elderly woman working at a creche beat a boy years old boy as if she was beaten 17 years. It only God that can take total control of all this.

II. My (lazy) aunt lost her 2 boys and nanny in a fuel explosion because she refused to turn the fuel her husband bought into the generator, instead she sent her uneducated Nanny that doesn’t know that fire and fuel are enemies. seriously 😒 it’s not easy but if we can try managing our homes ourselves, we would have less of these stories even though some of them are naturally wicked and never satisfied. If you want a child nanny please treat her like your own or else do the chores yourself.

III. She is just heartless, she does not look like someone who is being maltreated. What is this world turning into 🙆🏻‍♀️😰.. even if you give them heaven and earth they’d still be WICKED 😞 Back in the days, house help are witch but now they are evil, kilode she wants to kill the innocent baby, instead, you should have just run 🏃 away now wicked soul😩😩😩”


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