Home News How herdsmen attacked me in my farm – Benue state governor, Ortom

How herdsmen attacked me in my farm – Benue state governor, Ortom


Benue state governor Samuel Ortom, recounted how he was attacked by suspected herdsmen while at his farm located along Makurdi-Naka road in Makurdi, Benue state capital, last week.

While speaking during an interview with newsmen in Makurdi, the governor said;

“Just last week I was on my farm that is situated in the outskirts of Makurdi town when armed herdsmen came there and shot at me. They also shot at the vehicle of our Livestock Guards who came there and shattered it. We had to call the joint military security team, Operation Whirl Stroke, OPWS, who came and saved the situation” Ortom said

The governor vowed never to bow to any attempt to intimidate him for speaking up for his people. He also repeated his call for arrest and prosecution of Miyetti Allah leaders for allegedly instigating violence against farmers in Benue state.

Benue state has recorded one of the highest numbers of farmers/herdsmen attacks.


  1. Let’s take a back seat and review the happenings in Benue State as it relates to Herders/farmers yet Miyetti Allah keeps bragging as if they the govt of the day (if they weren’t), is it too hard for govt to protect the sovereignty of Nigeria in Benue and stop the killings of landowners in their farms- what if it was an ordinary person that was attacked in their farms the way Ortom was attacked, lives would have been lost again to this man-made menace. These are the reasons why we have clamors for restructuring since the goose seems more important than the ganders.
    I don’t understand why strangers want to dislodge owners in Benue and everything seems cool with the govt of the day


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