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How I was violated by my uncle, who is a catholic priest – DJ Switch writes


DJ Switch took to social media to reveal how she was violated by her uncle, who happens to be a Catholic priest, when she was only 11 years old.

She said her uncle, named Basil, used to forcefully touch her, then threaten her to ensure she remains silent.

She added that this is the first time she’s opening up about it and the only other people who know are her brother and sister.

Read what She wrote below;

I hadn’t posted about this in particular cus it was hard for me personally but I must say my story and be free of it! When people say “what did she wear?” “Where did she go?” “Why was she alone”? I curse those people! I’ve never told this story outside only 2 people, my immediate elder brother Emma n my sis Lola! I was a child, about 11years old when my uncle, as in real life relative uncle would forcefully touch me and threaten me on top that he would not bless me if I tell my parents, now here’s the shocker… He was a priest! His name is Basil. I’m sure some of my family members will be shocked when they see this. As a kid, my clothing, being alone or with family, friends or playing outside should have never been a curse but just what a kid does. Every man/woman in this world was born of a woman, a mother, sister, daughter… And I tell u, any woman who is violated against her will can and should lay a curse on the generation of the rapist! A child molester! A pervert! There are women that do this too, though it’s mostly men that are caught out and so I curse those type of men and women that ra.pe .. may their lust drive them to insanity and wretchedness! #justiceforuwaandtina


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