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How jealousy made me ruin someone’s relationship – Nigerian lady


A Nigerian lady narrated on Twitter how ‘jealousy’ made her ruin someone’s relationship. 

According to @Phoebie_xx, she started shooting her shot and eventually slept with the unnamed person’s boyfriend . 

Read what she tweeted below; 

I ruined someone’s relationship. Started shooting shot and eventually sleeping with her boyfriend because she didn’t let me rest about him on the timeline

First of all, the man is to be blamed and not me. I was single and I didn’t owe anybody anything. He was the one in the relationship and still cheated so he’s the fu.ck up Selah

I hope from this we can all agree that men are useless, weak when it comes to se.xual matters and have no self control. They are also never faithful and incapable of curving other women even when they are in relationships. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE ALL SAYING

With these few tweets of mine I hope I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that men are cheap and easy and no man is faithful. You can have any man you want, married, single, engaged, relationship, anyone They are all cheap dogs


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