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Huddah Monroe Says – I only fall in love with a man’s money and se.x


Controversial Huddah Monroe has never stop inviting her fans to her private bedroom matters. If you know her, then you can be sure she has mentioned her se.xmatics skills more than once.

In a Snapchat post that she made on Wednesday, April 25, she stated that the only things that can attract her to a man are his money and bedroom skills. She even said that the other qualities such as the man’s personality and handsomeness are not her priority – those ones should come after her love for money and the ability of the man to be good on the bed.

This is not the first time that Huddah will reveal this in public that she loves money.
She has always said her man must be well to do and also buy her good things. She further said matters like personality can be put into consideration later. No finance, no romance. Not too long ago, she introduced us to her latest lover who was all blinged up and appeared to own a fleet of luxury cars.
Huddah had one time slammed her rival in Kenya, Vera Sidika, for getting pregnant out of wedlock. According to her, children have the right to be raised by both parents and not just by a single mother or father.
Although her post was not directly targeted at Vera Sidika, the post was made just a few days after Vera declared she was pregnant.
Huddah further said the only way she was going to have children is when she will be in a stable relationship.
“For those asking why I don’t have a kid yet, I’m waiting on God’s timing,” she wrote.


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