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I don’t understand why Bishop Oyedepo peddles falsehood and disinformation about president Buhari – Tolu Ogunlesi


Tolu Ogunlesi, one of President Buhari’s media aides reacted to Bishop Oyedepo’s yesterday’s sermon yesterday where the Bishop addressed the issue of ‘Jubril’ from Sudan and its consequences.

In the sermon, Bshop Oyedepo quoted an article (a satire) from The Nation newspaper and concluded that, ‘If the President does not refute Jubril Al-Sudani, then he is not our president’.

Tolu Ogunlesi in his response said;

Olatunji Dare, one of Nigeria’s finest satirists,wrote a piece titled ‘?Buhari’s Double’ on November 27 and Pastor of one of Nigeria’s LARGEST CHURCHES cites the SATIRE in a sermon (apparently yest) as evidence PMB likely dead.

I know the Bishop has always detested PMB (its a free world, really, the right to dislike anyone is guaranteed constitutionally atink), but I don’t understand why he keeps going this far to peddle/amplify (from the pulpit) falsehood and disinformation about him. Really puzzling.

Watch Bishop Oyedepo’s video below;


  1. The bishop is so wealthy without paying tax and become intoxicated with free wealth he is becoming insane. He needs medical attention.

  2. Tolu ogunlesi I assume you are educated and that your good sense of judgment is not clogged with political and religious sentiment trying to fool 180million Nigerians just to get cheap political offices at the slavery of your country men.what the bishop has just preached on that pulpit has not contradict Nigeria constitution neither has it trampled on Buhari human rights.please strengthen/ loosen the issues at hand with meaningful points thanot playing blame games.

    • I am wondering when the pulpit has become a political campaign ground, where the birth and death of PMB has become a sermon topic of the church. The Bishop is entitle to his own personal views/opinion, but when he climbs the pulpit as a Bishop and start saying things about other people (PMB) which he is not sure of, if really he did, then that is not the gospel of JESUS CHRIST but the worldly gospel making people to believe what himself is not sure of but hear say. We must preach CHRIST in our pulpits not Buhari or Atiku.


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