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I have received more blessings since I came back to Islam – actress Adunni Ade


Nollwood actress Adunni Ade has revealed that she has converted back to Islam after being a Christian for years.

Adunni said she was born to a Muslim father and a Christian mother. Her stepmother is also a Christian. She said she was raised a Muslim but her father gave them the free will to choose whatever religion they wanted.

She also said it’s in no one’s place to judge what she chooses to wear, with regards to her dressing.

Read her full post below;


  1. Well…your choice…but the truth is you were never a Christian…I mean born again Christian(John 3:3)..what did men like Pastor Tunde Bakare encounter in Christ that you never found?Being born into Christianity as a faith doesn’t mean you’re a christian…you only become a Christian when you believe and receive Christ as your personal lord and saviour and put your trust in His finished work on the cross of Calvary.Well you who knows what your position or faith will be in some years time…. Hinduism ?… Buddhism…? Anyways the God of the Bible is a God of a second chance.


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