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I regret reading former president Jonathan’s book, it is full of hate speech – PA to Buhari, Ahmad Bashir


PA to President Buhari on New media, Bashir Ahmad, described former president Goodluck Jonathan’s new book, ”My Transition Hours” as a book full of hate speech.

In a tweet shared yesterday, the PA Bashir said he regrets reading some portions of the book which in his opinion is designed to cause disunity in Nigeria.


  1. APC used hate speeches in the name criticism and propaganda to ascend to rulership.Thereafter, termed criticism as hate speech,foiled all protest for legitimate requests,found nothing wrong in marauder herdsmen who make press conferences incupable to killings that they beat their chest were revenge mission or quest to reclaim land given to them as grazing areas but found nothing wrong to call IPOB a terrorist organisation.
    When a set of people call evil good and see good as evil,I am.not surprised when such comments come from same quarters.
    Liars will continue to defend lies till they run out of ideas.
    Is just a pity.

  2. Hello there!
    I write in response to Ahmad’s opinion of “My Transition Hours”.
    Dear Ahmad, You posited that GEJ’s book is full of hate speeches. Honestly, I have read the book too and have been wondering where exactly in the book justifies your HATE SPEECH ALLEGATION.
    Ahmad, I know with all certainty that GEJ put up a great book with words chosen very carefully. In fact, your reckless utterance made me read the book. And after mulling o’er your insensitive assertion; you have two possible justifications:
    1- That you are willingly blinded by your sentimental indulgences and allegiance to your master(s), and with great malice aforethought.
    2- That most truly, you CAN NOT read at all.
    I wonder how a noble man like GEJ made hate speeches in a book where he described the peace he felt like none he ever felt before on conceding defeat to the very master(s) you now serve!
    Ahmad…..choose your next words carefully. Do not be another LAI in APC government.


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