Home News I spend N731million on charity monthly – Fr. Mbaka

I spend N731million on charity monthly – Fr. Mbaka


Catholic Priest, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, said he spends a $2m (N731m) monthly on all his charity works.

Fr. Mbaka who is the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, revealed this when he presented a N18.8m bank draft to the management of the Annunciation Specialist Hospital, Enugu, on behalf of Multi-Life Savers for the Less Privileged, a non-profit arm of his ministry.

Speaking while presenting the cheque, the clergyman said

“We are basically here to continue the relationship that this wonderful health facility has with our charity organisation and Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria.

We presented a bank draft worth N18.8m to them to cover the accumulated bills of indigent patients they had treated at our instance, plus a deposit for other indigent patients that would come here in future.

We do this every day and it is on record that there is no month that I don’t spend at least $2m on charity. So, this visit is just one out of several charity outings that we undertake without any publicity.”


  1. If you’ve told the world, then expect your reward from the world; expect their praises and honor, fame, financial benefits and admiration.

  2. Engr Peace, I disagree with you. There’s no point telling the world what you did as a spiritual leader. Let God be the One to tell you well done and bless your handiwork. Don’t shout it out.
    Another point here is ; I gave $2m is different from we gave $2m. It is a team work.

  3. When you say your name and amount you spend on charity works does that classify as charity works or showinng off? I think saying the amount is pure show off because as a Catholic I am taught not to allow my right hand to know what I am giving when almsgiving and charity works classifies as almsgiving.


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