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I used to swap babies in the hospital for fun – dying Nurse confesses


A dying nurse confessed that she swapped thousands of babies while she was working as a nurse in UTH.

Elizabeth Mwewa, a nurse who worked at University Teaching Hospital, formerly called Lusaka Hospital, in Lusaka, Zambia, confessed on her sick bed that she exchanged babies of thousands of new mothers while she worked at the maternity ward of UTH.

Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa confessed to all her crimes on her sick bed. She said on Monday: “May God Forgive me for my sins.”

She also added: “I used to swap babies at UTH for fun.

She continued: “I have terminal cancer and I know I will be dying soon. I wish to confess my sins before God and before all the affected people especially those who were giving birth at UTH during my service. I have found God. I’m now born again. I have nothing to hide, In the 12 years I worked in the maternity ward at UTH, I swapped close to 5000 babies.

“If you were born in UTH between the years 1983 to 1995 chances are your parents may not be your biological parents. I had developed a habit of swapping newly born babies just for fun. So take a good look at your siblings, if for example everyone is light and you are darkie… you are that child and I am really sorry for that.

“I know I sinned against God and may he forgive me for that. I am also asking Zambians to forgive me for the evil things I was doing to innocent children.

“I have caused some faithful couples to divorce after going for DNA Tests. It’s now that I have realized I was just being used by a demon to do that. I have caused many mothers to bre.astfeed children who are not theirs biologically.

“I don’t want to go to Hell for that, I’m really sorry I have sinned a lot. Please forgive me.”


  1. That is how life is. The evil woman has confessed her evil deed, God has also forgiven her. If you refuse to forgive her, your own offence will attract bigger punishment. What of all the bad thing you have done which you have failed to confess? I say to the woman, sleep well my dear! Na you win.

  2. U r definitely going 2 hell….If there are no consequences for actions den Everyone shld have fun and confess later….Nonesense
    Roit in Hell !!!

  3. This woman is so evil that even this confession is a hoax. It is because you don’t want to go to hell that is the only reason you are confessing. It is out of fear and not remorse, you are not even capable of taking responsibility, you are blaming the devil. May you get exactly what you deserve


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