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If we get $500m loan, NTA will compete with CNN – Lai Mohammed


Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed said that the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) will compete with the likes of Cable News Network (CNN) if the $500 million loan his ministry is seeking for is approved.

The Guardain reports that the Minister made this statement when he appeared before the senate committee on local and foreign loans to speak on the importance of the $500 million which is part of the $30 billion loan President Buhari is asking the national assembly to approve.

The Minister explained that if the fund was approved, the NTA could be upgraded to enable it to send out signals that would be at par with CNN, adding that Nigeria has the manpower to achieve this feat

“If this project is approved, there will be more visibility for our people in the music, fashion and film industries. In 2014, we made $23 million from music alone and about $53 million in 2019 and we are looking forward to making $83 million in 2025.

You can imagine the kind of growth we will have if only we digitise all the NTA stations in the country.” he said

The minister also said the creative industry is a major employer of the youth.

“Apart from agriculture, which is the largest employer of labour in Nigeria, especially the youths, the next largest employer of labour is the creative industry,” he said.

“The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 2006 gave June 17, 2015 as deadline for all members of the organisation to migrate from analogue to digital.

“Regrettably, we were unable to meet the deadline along-side most countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the deadline was moved to 2017, which was not reliable and today the target is June 17, 2020.” he said


  1. Please The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria must not approve such a disconcerted and ridiculous loan. we don’t want NTA to compete with CNN on our tax payers money. if NTA is good enough to borrow such money then it should be privatised so that they will go public and borrow based on their strength and expertise and not to tie their inefficiency for Nigerians unborn to begin another cycle to pay for a loan that does have any meaningful impact on our lives.

    we don’t also want NTA to compete with CNN so that NTA will not turn around to be a monster in the hands of the ruling class to suppress all the information leaving Nigeria to the outside world like CNN single handedly with its democratic collaborators tried to surreptitiously impeach a Donald Trump a sitting elected president of the United States of America.

    if their is any lesson to be learnt in Nigeria, we should not forget the shoddy job done by the chief justice of Nigeria and his lacky supreme court judges who removed a sitting governor of Imo state duly elected by the people on charges not tenable in any court and that cant even be discharged by a kindergarten pupil as a supreme court judge.

    you will wonder what would have happened if NTA was competing with CNN on how that report would have been published by NTA.

    let NTA be privatised and let them go to the market to source their funds privately. Nigeria wont subevent incompetence because if they were good enough since they were created we wont be discussing this today.
    this is totally stale news


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