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If you are not financially independent, marriage shouldn’t be your priority – Comedian Ali baba


Nigerian comedian, issued out advice to ladies today saying, ‘if as a lady, you are not financially dependent, marriage should not be your priority’.

He went further to say, ‘that era of being financially dependent on a man expired many years ago. Sadly, very few women started late to realise that they also had the equal personal requirements to make themselves financially independent’.

Many of the men who also believed that women should not be financially independent were also everywhere. And with time, many of those men, where in places of authority and economic positions of influence. Such men also started to see that many women were a threat to their masculinity. And did everything to block them.

Like a woman can not bail anyone arrested. Women can not rent properties. They failed to accept that women were capable of pulling their weight when shouldered with responsibilities, BUT DID BETTER THAN THE MEN, who went head to head with them. And still play their roles as women.

In school, you will remember, if you want to be honest, there were ladies who were constantly in 1st to 10th positions. And there were heavy men, who were unashamedly in the 30th to 32nd positions. That was the start. It became more glaring that women can be equally smart and even smarter. Many of these men, were in any case being taught by women, as teachers, lecturers and professors.

So, gradually, the thought of a woman being DEPENDENT ON any man started fading. Especially when the men started having them as bosses, and learning under their feet. Humbling. However, it needs to be further emphasised in these day and age, that the days of a woman being DEPENDENT are gone. Or nearly gone.

So, it’s clear, that financial instability of women is the major reason many women don’t get treated like they should. It turns relationships to cash and carry or business transactions. It also then makes many men believe, that financial independence will take away their power. Only WEAK MEN think like that. And women who think they must go into a relationship because its their only way to financial stability are the ones who empower them.


  1. In our society women are been mandated and burdened with child procreation and rearing and experience shows that is not a small work with no short cut,so why on earth will a woman who wanted to raise a home be coarsed into financial rivalry with a man that has all the freedom he ever wanted,.even our creator knows that women are worker but at home.although the society has change we still need to consider a woman’s place and duties in families so as not to stage such competition. Is true that some women has made an outstanding effort but it came with its own adverse effect such as lack of adequate emotional support and physical training towards the children,husband-house girl intimacy,to mention but a few.

  2. The man de talk ,because he get privilege from God to get small change for pocket. Ur level of financial stability is not compare to Messi or Ronaldo talkless Dagote. So keep shout. How much u get


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