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Imam Jailed for Molesting a 2-year-old girl – “I Saw my zip opening by itself”


The High Court sitting in Mukono, Uganda, has sentenced a 63-year-old Imam who has 3 wives, for molesting a two-year-old girl.

Musa Mulo, an Imam at Kibubbu Mosque, was convicted upon pleading guilty.

The state prosecutor, Ms. Janat Kitimbo, told the court that Imam Musa Mulo se.xually tormented the toddler in the year 2012. Prosecution that was submitted on that fateful day, the victim went alone to Mulo’s home in the neighbourhood.

Mulo grabbed her in his compound and carried her into his house where he defiled her and injured her private parts. The Imam later told her to go back home.

At the commencement of the trial on Friday, the imam pleaded guilty to defiling the girl. “I carried that child, put her on my laps and I just saw my zip opening by itself,” the imam mused court.

Justice Ms Margaret Mutonyi observed that Mulo is not fit to be an imam or live in society. She described him as “a dangerous person” who is supposed to be kept away from children. She then sentenced him to life imprisonment.


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