Home News In the next four years, I will be tough – president Buhari

In the next four years, I will be tough – president Buhari


President Buhari said that he will be tough in his governance of the country in the next four years.

President Buhari gave this warning while receiving members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) who paid him a congratulatory visit.

According to President Buhari, this new tenure will see him intensify his efforts in the three areas of security, economy and fighting corruption.

He also disclosed that he campaigned in all the 36 states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory to prove to his critics that he was fit.


  1. Mr President hi. The word tough is an understatement, pls be your toughest this time against corruption and reposition Nigeria. Make Nigeria great again. History will never forget you sir.

  2. If truly APC won the election without manipulation in this presidential election so be it but if APC manipulate this election in any way GOD that will serve will judge for the sake of his elect one.

  3. Grandstanding means nothing. Your toughness means nothing more than more clamp down on the opposition which at the end comes to naught. It means more unconstitutional acts which get overturned. What you need is to listen, get some sense, appoint competent people into positions, jettison your sectional and nepotic agenda, get seasoned managers of the economy to run this economy, adopt investor-friendly policies to create jobs and reduce the misery index. These have nothing to do with toughness but a lot to do with the sincerity of purpose.

  4. Dear Mr President congratulations on your re election.Myself like many millions supported and still support you.please look well at officials closer to you,who were being referred to as cabals.There wont be smoke without fire,stamp out corruption around you, give more roles to your VP,don’t select security officers from your tribe and family alone.If the death from inside fails to kill,the one from outside won’t be able to.Your safety belongs to God and not man Sir.Finally let money be in circulation,Let judges who are upright sit on cases of corruption.NOTE THIS MR PRESIDENT, IF YOU DON’T SEND WARNINGS,IN THE FIRST YEAR,THE DIS- TRACTORS WILL MAKE YOUR GOVERNANCE TERRIBLE AND PEOPLE WILL STONE YOU.

    • I wish you well in your desires…. Las Las you will be disappointed. Nigeria has made history to become the first Nation to be ‘ruled’ by proxy.


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