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Is this not madness? FFK reacts to APC’s call for the probe of Atiku’s Dubai trip


PDP chieftain and former Aviation minister reacted to call placed to security agencies by the ruling party APC to probe the Dubai trip of PDP presidential candiddate Atiku Abbubakar

See what he shared on social media;

The flagbearer of the opposition party travels to Dubai for a rest and to meet with other party leaders for a discussion about the way forward.

The reaction of the ruling party is to call on the security agencies to probe all those that attended the meeting. Is this not madness?”


  1. Why are they going to a foreign country to discuss the way forward of Nigeria? This is prime example of why they are not qualified to lead this nation. Charity begins at home

    • Close your mouth my friend. The ones Apc don discuss at home wetin come out ? No be am hunger won kill us for the home them Dey discuss? All this people when I no know if Apc do juju give !! What is worth doing is worth doing well Apc is a doom of failures.


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