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Italy man confirmed to have coronavirus, didn’t know he had the virus – Health Minister


Nigeria Minister of Health, Ehanire Osagie has said that the Italian man who is the index case of coronavirus in Nigeria, was not aware he had the disease. 

Osagie revealed that series of tests carried out by the Virology Laboratory of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital confirmed that 44-year-old Italian citizen had the COVID-19 virus, said there are plans to ensure the coronavirus case in Nigeria remains only one. 

He said; 

“We are in the phase of trying to carry out containment so that if possible, it does not go beyond the one index case that has entered the country.

“He was not in the knowledge of what he had that he was carrying any particular kind of illness and we are happy that he is responding.

“It does seem as if his own illness is running rather mildly the way it looks and his viral load has begun to drop which means he is on his way to recovery.”

In the interview on Channels TV, the Minister who revealed they will be meeting with stakeholders to discuss progress made in containing the spread of the virus on Monday March 2, stated that the newness of the virus makes it difficult to ascertain if it survives cold or warm weather. 

Osagie further urged Nigerians to maintain proper hygiene and not be complacent.


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