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Job seeker steals N108k during interview in Sapele


A teenager has been apprehended after stealing N108,000 during her interview in Delta State.

According to Sapele Oghenek, the young lady was in a company in Palm Avenue Road, Sapele, for an interview when the salesperson at the company stepped out, leaving the suspect alone in the office. The girl allegedly used the opportunity to steal N108k and disappeared.

Days later, while passing through the street where the office is located, she was recognized and was instantly nabbed and dragged to her house where the remainder of the money was recovered.


  1. its not only people that go for interview and get robbed now the return is the case. make una continue. afterall so many people have been invited for scam interviews and ended up robbed, ra.ped and even kidnapped and no one hears the family handles the matter calmly even when it gets to the media they blame you for going to such a place for interview as if the country is not already facing the backlash of unemployment.

  2. Actually this lady is qualified for the position she applied for because most of the innocent people are not inviting for interview


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