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John Boyega is Planing to Produce a Low Budget Nigerian Movie with N9 billion Only


British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega, has made a surprising statement while he was on a show on CNBC Africa. And according to him, he is planning to produce a low budget Nigerian movie with $20-$25million which is equivalent to N9billion.

Boyega spoke to Power Lunch West Africa host, Onyi Sunday during the promotion of his new movie “Pacific Rim.”

“We’re developing a few Nigerian stories and choosing one which makes sense budget-wise. We’re probably looking at an indie budget of $20-$25 million dollars.”

With the highest Nigerian movie having a budget less than $500,000, the “Star Wars” actor might be starting a new revolution that will create a marriage scene between the Nigerian movie industry and the American movie industry.

From the pictures he painted, John Boyega might have given us a clue of working with one of Nollywood’s A-list actresses, Genevieve Nnaji.

“I’m very interested in original Nigerian stories. I grew up on Nollywood. The first Nollywood film I ever watched was Blood Sisters with Genevieve Nnaji,” the 26-year-old actor told Power Lunch West Africa host, Onyi Sunday during his interview at CNBC Africa.

Boyega made his debut in the British sci-fi comedy “Attack the Block” after which his performance caught the eyes of J.J Abrams, who now decided to cast him as Finn in “Star Wars: The Force Awaken” at the young age of the then 19-year-old.

The actor also disclosed that his interest for telling Nigerian stories dates to many years ago and having reached a vantage position in the American movie industry, he feels it’s time to tell the Nigerian story in a professional way.

He says:

“It’s a chance for me to develop these stories, merge Hollywood with Nollywood, to bring the genuine and most important stories to light but captured in a very important and professional way.

“I’ve been interested in Nigerian stories for a very very long time. It’s just that now I’ve worked to a point where I have the opportunity to do something.”


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