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Joro Olumofin – ”To Keep Your Woman Happy, Give her Oral se.x 9 times a Week”


Nigerian relationship expert Joro Olomofin has come again with another set of ‘wise words’ for couples.

This his post will be somehow difficult for some couples, the relationship expert believes that for any husband out there to be able to make his wife happy he needs to give her ‘head’ at-least 9 times in a week.

Read Joro’s Instagram post below:

 ”Researching this Topic: 3 ways to keep your woman Happy.
– Give her Oral se.x 9 times a week
– Listen to her like a sermon – Give her money 
Most importantly give her Head 9 times a week, you have 6 days of her period to rest but continue 2/3 days after her Period.
You will have a Happy Faithful partner. Thank me later” he wrote


  1. Satisfy her and offend God, your creator.
    If oral se.x is the vision of God, then He wouldn’t have had any need to add p*nis to the body.
    Each organ of the body has a specific function just as each part of a motor or any equipment has their their unique function and any miss-use will lead to Mal-function just as the miss-use of the mouth for se.x is a malfunction and a spiritual anomaly or error.

    Will such mouth be used to sing praise or worship God? A polluted or defiled mouth. That is why most songs do not carry anointing because they a sang from unholy mouth from both men and women who use their mouth for oral se.x. Oral se.x was never mention or approved by the bible, even if he or she is your spouse. Some even use their legs for se.x, some day people will use their head for se.x. These are nothing but inventions of the kingdom of darkness to populate the kingdom of darkness. Deception from the pit of hell making people to come under God’s punishment.

  2. This guy is a fake relationship expert where did he graduate from? How does he become relationship expert? Does he know ORAL CANCER is a killer This man will kill many people through his bogus advice


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