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JSS 1 stoned to death by his schoolmate in Onitsha, Anambra state


A JSS 1 student of the Dennis Memorial Grammar School Onitsha died after one of his classmates reportedly threw a stone at him yesterday Tuesday February 19th.

According to Facebook user, Mizta Nnamdi, who shared the sad news online, the deceased was a very intelligent student.

Read what he wrote below;

THIS is Emmanuel Chukwuebuka Nnanna , a Jss 1 student at Dennis Memorial Grammar School Onitsha, A native of Oburo Ogwa in mbaitoli LGA, Imo state. He died on Tuesday 12th February 2019 by a large stone thrown to crush his head from the school dormitory window by his fellow envious student. This happened after school hours, the victim was said to finished eating in the school cafeteria, fetched water with his gallon kept the water in his corner and came outside to play football. He met two students playing football, asked if he can join them and the two boys playing the football told him to wait for they are playing turn by turn . While waiting and watching them a mischievous student carried a large stone they used to hold the dormitory door, targeted the victim from upstairs and hit the large stone on his head. The victim fell down immediately and become unconscious. The two boys playing the football carried him to the school clinic, there was no equipment to handle his case there so one of the clinic attendance carried him out the school gate and started looking for keke, he got one took him to general hospital Onitsha where no treatment was given to him. They latter took him to iyi enu hospital when he has already bled to death. While all these was going on, they did not contact his father, Kanayo hospital and other private hospitals are very close to DMGS, instead of them to take him there as his case is emergency, they rushed him to general and then far away iyi enu because it’s Anglican hospital. Just like that an innocent boy that lost his mother when he was only three years, a super intelligent boy with multiple talent died because of his fellow students envy and school management carelessness.

RIP junior blood.


  1. Jesus Christ !! What kind of Carelessness is this?
    Where was the House Master? Matron ? What of the Nurse at the Clinic? Gate Man, Security? Christ …Have Mercy on your Children !!!!

    What has the School Authority done so far? The school should be closed down and the students must fish out the particular student that threw stone at him. What are the Alumni’s doing? How can this be happening ? JSS1 !!! …. We are finished in this Country… No where is safe… What kind of thought came into that little boy? How can he carry a stone and stone his fellow student… This is Wickedness in the highest order !!!

    Please let us continue to share this ….

    The Human Right Commission must see this……
    Emmanuel Chukwuebuka Nnanna’s killers must be brought to face the Law….

    May God give His Family the fortitude to bear his demise, Rest in the Lord’s bosom, Junior.


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