Home News Kidnappers of Otun Olubadan Twins Has Reduce Ransom to N40m

Kidnappers of Otun Olubadan Twins Has Reduce Ransom to N40m


The kidnappers who kidnapped Otun Olubadan twins have again summoned the distraught King to tell him they have reduced the ransom that was being placed on his 5-year-old babies from the initial N100million down to N40million.

The abductors had on Tuesday entered Otun Olubadan Lekan Balogun’s Akobo apartment and kidnapped his twins, a boy and a girl aged 5 years.

Sources that are very close to the family say the helpless family had gone into ultra-strenuous prayers for the freedom of the twins as the ransom that has been demanded was just too much for the family to pay.

A source close to the family said the family needed to look unto God so that he can intervened on their behalf. The family has been having various visitors coming to sympathize with them and constant phone calls over the incident have been trouping in.

Confirming the development, Alhaji Bashiru Balogun, who is Oba Lekan Balogun’s immediate younger brother, spoke on behalf of the family and told reporters that as much as the family looks unto God,

“we are equally hoping and relying on the efforts of the security agents to secure the release of the innocent kids.

“I equally want to plead with the abductors to please, in the name of God and anything that is good to spare us this trauma and release the innocent children, who can hardly differentiate their left from right.

“They should please just consider the innocence of the kidnapped children. You all know my brother as peace-loving and kind hearted person, who is ready to sacrifice anything for the happiness of others, he doesn’t in anyway deserve this kind of treatment from the society he had committed himself to for several years now.”


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