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Lady calls out about to wed man for allegedly r.aping her in 2010 in UNN


A Nigerian lady called out her former schoolmate for allegedly raping her in 2010 while they were still students of the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

The lady who bears the name ”Lighthouse Beacon” on Facebook said, she decided to call out the man identified as Oluwafemi Oloidi after coming across his pre-wedding photo. She said although she has healed from the pain, but promised herself she will tell everyone how she was ra.ped by Oluwafemi.

Read what Beacon wrote; 

Unbelievable, that stories of ra.pe abound and today, I saw the pre wedding photo of the Person who ra.ped me in 2010 at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.
A person who i got to know through mutual friends and neighbors.
I vividly remember that fateful day even though I have healed over the years, I swore I will still make it known wherever I come across him or anyone who knows him, that he is a rapist.
The last time I came across someone who said he knew him, i narrated my ordeal with this rapist to him, and he told me he will put a call across to him because he still had his number and ask him about it…

He still was not remorseful, nor apologetic.

I‘m no more hurt like before, but I carry it with me…it’s part of who I am, part of my story, and I will keep telling it whenever I feel like.
Even on the picture of his Obituary, I will tell it.



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