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Lady calls out Bobrisky for yelling at her for taking his pictures – photos



  1. I feel for you, I can imagine the way you’ll feel after that scene in the public, however courtesy demands that you seek permission next time. Its also important for you to know the characteristics of a celebrity and what it takes to be called one, the person in question is not one in my opinion, he’s just a public nuisance looking for cheap popularity n the dummies in this generation are following because they have lost their sense of value. A star n true celebrity will not yell at you with or without courtesy in most cases. Take care. Peace

  2. Before you take pictures of people going about their normal days’ activity, you have to ask for their permission to do that, be it a celeb or not. The only time you are free to take pictures of celebs without their permission is when they are on a Red Carpet event allowing everyone to take pictures. Other than that, you have to walk up to them and let them know you are a fan(politely). They are not psychos, they will allow you to take a pic if you just ask politely.


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