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Lady Covered with Thousands of Tumours All Over Her Body after Delivering Her Baby


In what seems to be an extreme case of neurofibromatosis, a lady has been covered with painful tumours covering her entire face, with three giant growths swamping her right leg.

38-year-old Charmaine Sahadeo has always had the condition but says the growths were largely unnoticeable until her second son Osiris, 15, was born. After his birth, the number of tumours increased rapidly, and two surgeries have been unable to stop their growth. She’s been left too scared to attend her sons’ school for fear they will be bullied.

The sick lady is now seeking a medical solution and is hoping someone from the UK, US or Australia can help her.

‘I have had the condition since birth, but it started getting a lot worse about 15 years ago. ‘It was very small and did not show up much until after the birth of my second child. Then after he was born it got a lot worse. ‘It’s very painful, especially my leg. Right now when I squeeze the bump something like a large blackhead comes out.

‘In all I think I have thousands of lumps,’ she said. ‘On my face and head alone there are probably three thousand or more. It looks like my skin is a strange bubble wrap. It is the ones by my eyes that concern me the most. The doctors say they could remove them to stop them blocking any vision but I am too afraid of the risk to my eyesight. I really worry something could go wrong’ she said.

The lady who takes care of her two sons Caleb and Osiris, admitted that the tumours had made life terrible for her, as no one will hire her. She further disclosed that she was in an 18-year marriage, but she separated from her husband three years ago.

‘One person even told me that if they were in my position they would kill themselves,’ she said. ‘But I’m a happy person. At the end of the day I do everything that a normal person does. How could I think about doing anything to harm myself?’ she added.

Source: Thecable


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