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A Lady Cries Out – ‘Oba of Benin Can’t Revoke The Curses My Trafficker Placed on me’ (Video)


A lady who in hail from Benin in Edo state that was trafficked through Libya to Europe for se.x trade has cried out about her situation saying that the Oba of Benin can’t take away the curses her traffickers has placed on her.

This is coming after the Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare 11 took away the curses placed on everyone that was taken to overseas by human traffickers.

According to numerous reports, some of the young ladies that were trafficked to Europe are made to take different kinds of Oath in a bid to make them very faithful to their traffickers.

In a video that was circulated online, the unknown lady lamented about her situation.

Watch the videos below:


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