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A Lady Who Graduated with a Second Class Upper is Now A Keke Driver (Video)


Meet Stella Adele graduated with a 2:1 from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye in Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, now drives Keke for a living in Lagos.

Stella has turned the table the other way round in a male-dominated transport sector in Nigeria. She competes with other male colleagues in spite the society’s unwritten law that driving is not a woman’s job.

She disclosed that she used to have a white collar job but it didn’t really give her adequate time to take proper care of her family, so she wanted a job that will give her a flexible time.

Adele entered into the tricycle business based on the advice of a police friend who told her the business is very lucrative.

With the support of her brother and a loan she got from the bank, she was able to kick-start her own ‘keke’ business and she does it proudly and boldly with every bit of happiness and enthusiasm.

She said she makes an average of N8,000 to N12, 000 on daily basis and nothing less than N7, 000 on days she goes to work late due to some other engagements she had.

Adele plans to buy a bus in the nearest future with the profits from her business.

Some of Adele’s colleagues commended her, stating that she is very hardworking and willing to succeed despite the nature of the business.


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