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Lady itemized 7 reasons why she always receive money from a guy after se.x – “I am not an olosho or prostitute”


An unknown Nigerian Lady has enumerated 7 reasons why she’d always receive money from any guy she has se.x with, even if it’s her boyfriend.

Read Below:

“I collect money after se.x, and that ain’t ending anytime soon.”


“I work for my money, but you must still pay me.”

“Take note and read carefully before you start insulting all the females (gone, alive, and yet to be born) in your family.”

Reasons why I’ll always collect money after se.x

1. se.x is difficult:

Oh yeah, it is! But you wouldn’t know, would you? When you’re just dicking down and going, you take 90% pleasure and me takes 10%. In my se.xually active years, I can count on one hand the number of se.x I actually really enjoyed. If fellow females won’t be honest, You can ask bobrisky and other faggots who take dicks up their orifice, the receiver passes through pains!!

2. I’m a woman with needs:

I mean, I need to take a hot bath, change into something Hanes and eat good food, so pay up.

3. I’ll get slut-shamed anyway:

How many of y’all can swear on your life that you haven’t bragged to your guys how you nailed that ‘hoe’. Why not be a complete slut when I know I will still be tagged one, whether I collect cash or not?

4. Did you expect to leave like that? So if I didn’t ask, you’ll just go? Smh!!!!

5. It’s the right thing to do:

Before you type that trash, remember your Bible or Quran condemns Fornication. If you can’t pay my bills, find some cheap young naive bit.ch.

6. It’s a man’s world:
Women have no say or opinion, right? Well, in bed, we do!

7. I’d never fu.ck a fu.ckboy ever:

They want to eat without giving anything in return. I can smell their stench from miles and I activate my ignore button, so I don’t need to argue for money like a prostitute after se.x.

Real men pay up without you asking,

Whether you decide to go au naturel or sans naturel, please pay your woman and treat her with respect.



  1. All your points are all repetition of one thing over and over. I know a lot of ladies that are hungry and enjoy se.x more than guys so its either you have a problem OR you know nothing about se.x…and…you are indeed a whore!


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