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A Lady from Nigeria shares her story – “I was ra.ped twice & Deflowered at the age of 16, Today I’m HIV positive”


Ogechi Stella Njoku, who felt it was time to disclose about her traumatic ra.pe experience when she was a teen so as to clear her head, went to her Facebook timeline to share her pathetic story. According to Ogechi, she was deflowered at the age of 16years through ra.pe and was ra.ped twice.

She wrote:

“I have not been outspoken on my ra.pe experiences, I decided not to write or emphasize much on it and about it, because the pains are more excruciating than the pains of being HIV positive.

But going by the actions of the so-called comedian #Stainless Precious making fun of ra.pe and justifying his actions as an act of comedy, I strongly believe it is high time we held these people responsible for ra.pe.

#Stainless Precious, How dare you use ra.pe as comedy under the pretense that you are a comedian?

Do you know what it means to be ra.ped?

Do you know the psychological effect on victims?
Do you understand the emotional trauma associated with ra.pe?

I was ra.ped and deflowered as a minor, twice was I ra.ped helplessly, when I was 16 years old, today, I am 37 years old, that pains have refused to left me.
I escaped narrowly murdering the third person who attempted to ra.pe me the third time while hawking because I had to, kicked him in his manhood (dick) when he had already torn my clothes into pieces, he was in pains when I ran out in pieces of clothes like rags, having my goods poured away.

Today I am HIV positive, without knowing how I got it, and here you are making bold to justify using ra.pe as a comedy.

Your actions disgust me.

Do you have a conscience at all?

How would you feel if your sister is ra.ped?
How would you feel, if your daughter is ra.ped?
How would you feel to have your wife ra.ped?

How dare you justify ra.pe into comedy?

Should I pray for you to experience it?

You have just succeeded to reawakened my pains, my fear, and my disbelief.

Dee Ogiamien
Jade Olise
Dorothy Njemanze
Chisara Agoha

I feel so much depressed right now like never before.

#I wish you could see through the pains of not been able to help yourself out of danger of ra.pe.

#I wish you could fathom the cruelty of the perpetrators in a bid to feel that moment of se.x satisfaction to themselves.

#I wish you could figure out the helplessness of the victim, those solid tears, the bitter pleading that fell on deaf ears, the wish and struggle to act or gain freedom, but overwhelmingly overpowered, then you would understand that it is a perpetual pain that would never go off from victims.

My case, my pains has refused to go, each time I had se.x, I remember those actions, I remembered been held down against my wish, by 2 men while one penetrate me and another kept watch for security alert till they had turn by turn, four men against a minor. And one man would come up to make ra.pe a fun for comedy and people preach forgiveness?

Ayam not understanding.

#The whole scenario came playing back on my head, I could hear my tiny voice shouting for help, I could feel afresh, those grasp for breathe, I could see clearly now these four men, their faces, the cigarette smokes, the odour, the way my hands were held against my will, by these four men who were bigger than me, who were supposed to protect a minor, I could remember how they lure me in pretense to buy my product, I could hear that shout of the name of my product that led me to Ekeonuwa market, I wish I never heard them calling for my product, I wish I had finished sales earlier that day. I wish the dawn never break up for that day.

They betrayed an innocent trust from a minor, who saw them as a potential customers.
Joyfully went to sell to them, but came out in pains and tears.

#What a black day, August 23, 1996, the unforgettable Ekeonuwa/Douglass Road Owerri.

#This guy just brought back the memories of such scenario to me, the hawking, the ra.pe, the pains, my fruitless shout for help, the ability not to walk after their cruelty, and the cries.

Who da hell is this comedian?
Who licenced him to practice?
He is no different from the wicked men that ra.ped me in my helpless estate.



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