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A Lady Was Not Allowed to Enter Quilox Because She is not An iPhone User


Media publicist Yetty had a story to share following her visit to Quilox with a friend. According to her, she wasn’t able to gain entrance because she doesn’t make use of an iPhone.

The ‘gist’ that came along with her getting bounced from Quilox, was that if you are a lady and you don’t possess an iPhone (from 6s up), you will be bounced from the well-known Lagos club, and the guys need to flaunt their car keys to be allowed into the club.

Yetty still entered the club after the entire drama, by borrowing a friend’s iPhone.

Her tweets read;

So, for the first time I went to Club quilox yesterday. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears

The bouncers almost bounced me out because I don’t use an IPhone  My friend come dey gist me say, any lady that doesn’t have an iPhone (I think from 6s) can’t enter the club.

Guys must flash their car keys before they can be allowed in. And not anyhow car o  If you carry Camry, you can’t park where G-wagon gangs parked. Oga oto laye yin

I just dey look like Lookman  Like level pass level o. I must be rich.

Well, my friend sha borrowed me her IPhone 8, I take am shako pose  She used her other phone (Samsung) enter I sha manage enter. When I come enter finish I almost cried

So we sha entered, get ourselves seated. Then time to order. Guys!!!!! Table water is 3k. Table water Wazo!!!!

Since I wasn’t the one paying I shall kept my mouth shut…. Because that 3k fit buy 5 packs of Table water.

See I can’t continue this thread….. What I know is that money is good.

However Yetty was once reminded that she once claimed she uses an iPhone X. Here’s the tweet below;


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