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Lady Recounts How She Boarded A Cab With Her Dead Aunt Several Years After She Died


A South African lady who is known as Msakazi on Twitter has disclosed how she met her aunt who lost her life when she was very younger.

The story which is now trending online reads;

“My aunt died when I was still in primary school. She was like my mom, I truly love her. A few years after she died, I got into a taxi with my aunt in it. I was scared to tell people about this because I knew they wouldn’t believe me. It wasn’t a look alike, it was her.”

“We didn’t chat you guys, I was 16 and was seeing a dead person. I was scared but I was also heartbroken. I love her so so much, I was with her a week before she died. She is like a mom to me.”

“She was sitting in front of me (2nd row), I was right behind her. Ngidlulise imali kuyena, ngabheka phansi (I handed over money to him, looked down.). She got off first. I can’t put it to words man, I was torn.”

“I’m not trying to scare you or anything. I just wanted to know if anyone else has ever experienced such. My own mom doesn’t know about this. That’s how freaked out I was.”


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