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Lady Recounts How She Was Nearly Beaten To Her Early Grave By Her Fiancee


An American lady Janea Alston-Goggins has gone on social media to share how she was nearly beaten to death by her fiancee.

According to her, she begged for her life in front of her kids and best friend but her fiancee insisted on beating her to death.

Alston-Goggins, via Facebook, exposed her ex-boyfriend and also used it as an avenue to preach against domestic violence on women.

She wrote;

“I usually don’t post my business on Facebook, but last night I was almost beat to death by my fiancé. I pleaded for my life in front of my kids and best friend all while this man said no he was going to kill me.

So let me expose this monster for who he really is. I had to be life flighted to the Presbyterian hospital’s trauma unit and have an emergency surgery to save my eye, with also bleeding on the brain and numerous cuts, scratches, and bruises all over my body.

This is my testimony to save the next woman from domestic violence it’s not okay. I ask that my Facebook family and friends continue to pray for me and my kids, this is going to be a hard journey but we will make it through! I ask that you continue to left us up in prayer, thank for all the text, calls, and everyone who’s reached out it’s greatly appreciated.”


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