Home News A Lady Survives Easter Accident By The Whisker on Benin-Ore Expressway

A Lady Survives Easter Accident By The Whisker on Benin-Ore Expressway


A lady by name Ifesinachi Agu was full of appreciation as she narrates her story of surviving a fatal accident along Benin-Ore expressway while she was traveling to celebrate the Easter holiday.

According to her, she shared photos of the dented car, she came out alive with minor bruises on her body.

Here’s what she wrote;

Thank you Jesus for saving my life yesterday, while traveling for Easter….. I never knew I will come out of that car alive…. the accident happened around ore express at about 11:30am on 31/3/2018….. Though I came out with bruises….It was by the grace of God that we came out alive.

Praise the Lord that I am alive to witness this year Easter…… Please friends, help me thank my Jehovah overdo for having mercy on a sinner like me..

A few days ago, a Facebook user whose name is Joy Joseph, also went to social media platform on Thursday, March 29, to recount some shocking photos and video from an accident scene her sister was involved in, just after she arrived Nigeria to celebrate the Easter holiday.

She further revealed, that the last time she mourned anyone was in 2009 and she is not ready to cry over anyone at the moment.

Her post reads: “So my elder sister survived this and you want to tell me there’s no God up there. Tell me what He can’t do, let me show you what He has done. She just came back to the country to spend the Easter with us and they wanted to change the narrative. She had the accident on her way to Benin.

“I can’t even describe how grateful I am right now. When my sister told me about it, I thought it was a minor accident until my other sister sent me photos. God is really above watching over my family. The last time I mourned was in 2009 when my dad died and I’m not ready to hear sorry again.”


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