Home News Lagos Police Officer Kidnaps, ra.pes and Impregnates a 16-year-old girl

Lagos Police Officer Kidnaps, ra.pes and Impregnates a 16-year-old girl


A police officer, by name Officer Henry, attached to Ojo Local Government Division, Lagos State Police Command kidnapped, se.xually molested, tortured and got a 16-year-old girl pregnant (name withheld) in Lagos.

The young girl’s family has petitioned Ibrahim Idris, the Inspector General of Police, over the allegation.

According to the girl’s family, she was forced to leave her village in Anambra State because of police harassment after she delivered her baby five months ago.

Sharing how it occurred, the victim’s elder sister, by name Chukwudumaga Obadike, said:

“On May 8, 2017, I discovered that my 16-year-old younger sister was missing. Later that evening, we reported it at Ajangbadi police station in Lagos. “

However, two months after, to our surprise, on July 10, I was arrested by policemen from Ojo Division, that my sister, whom I had declared missing, was wanted at the station for allegedly stealing N1.5 million from one of their officers identified as Officer Henry.

I told them that we were looking for her and had declared her missing.

The policemen went to Ajangbadi police station with me to ascertain if truly I reported her missing. They wanted to lock me up but I resisted. They later released me by 11 pm and told us to report at the station the following day.”

Chukwudumaga said they were able to get the sister in their village and brought her to Lagos. She said:

“My sister said Officer Henry met her on her way home the day she went missing and took her to a hotel where he ra.ped her.

She said Officer Henry abducted her, kept her in his house and his wife was using her as a maid and Officer Henry would ra.pe her anytime his wife was not at home.”

Vanguard newspaper reports that when they contacted CSP Mohammed Sanusi, the Officer in Charge of SARS Ikeja, he denied the allegation, saying:

“I do not allow underage persons to be detained in SARS cell under my watch. Maybe, they were doing that before I came but since I came here, no underaged person has been detained.”


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