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Lagos state government condemn attack on shoprite by Nigerians


Lagos state govrnment through Gbenga Omotoso, the commissioner for Information and strategy reacted to the attacks on Shoprite Complexes at Jakande and Sangotedo Area of Ajah by some unidentified people claiming to be acting in retaliation against the attacks on Nigerians in South Africa.

The state government said, ‘these attacks are condemned as they are against the Nigerian spirit of accommodation and benevolence that the country in general and Lagos State in particular is noted for.    

The Federal Government is in dialogue with South African Authorities to stop this obnoxious act. We appeal to our compatriots to eschew violence and any unlawful acts. The Lagos State Government wishes to reiterate its commitment to providing a conducive atmosphere where businesses are conducted without hindrances.    

The security agencies have been directed to ensure that law and order prevail in all parts of the State, even as Lagosians are advised to go about their activities without any fear.    


  1. One of the worst things that have ever happen to this country is having a democracy in the hand of evil leaders. Living in the same room with your enemy is deadly. Am not surprised at his comment I know we are not raised with pride as a Nigerian.

  2. When i heard the government and some people lamenting that Nigerians did not do well in vandalizing some South African Shops in retaliation of South African Xenophorbic attack against Nigerians in South Africa, I see this Country as coward and a Society that does not have repsect for Human Rights.

    I watched vividly over the Television how these nefarious South Africans were murdering our boys in cold blood and I became shocked.Hardly could I believe my eyes.I thought they were slaughtering goats until I took a close look and realized that these Hoodlums were murdering our men and women on a queue,one by one with cutlasses, big stones and other dangerous weapons.I watched how they wallayed Nigerians from one big hall and started butchering them on a row.A Nigerian would just step out of the big hall and you would see some angry mob South Africans already waiting with matchets and heavy stones and they started slaughtering our men and stoning them to death.That was my first time of seeing people being killed with stones and matchets.This sent jitters into my spine.

    One that struck me most was one Nigerian guy they tied a rope on his waste and started dragging him thro and fro,and as they guy tried to untie himself and run,they drew him closer and started landing heavy blocks and stones all over his body,face,chest and this guy gave up in the pool of his blood.

    From what I saw that day, I concluded that South Africans are the most wicked in the World and don’t deserve to be shown Mercy.
    So, anyone telling me Nigerians shouldn’t have destroyed their Properties here is a fool and values material things than a living Soul which cannot be compared with any amount of money.

    We should make a re-think and stop trampling on our human right.That is why other people,especially the Western World see us as people who don’t value life but only money.As such we are being regarded as monkeys.

    This kind of mentality should stop and the government should wake up from slumber and start protecting their Citizens far and near,especially those in Europe,America and Asia.

    Many aliens and illegal immigrants are in this Country and no one is asking them their residence permit or ID. This is a Country as free as the air.But when you step out of this place and find yourself out of the Shores,like Europe or America,we are being treated as Slaves.Even the neighbouring Bene Republic molest us for residence permits but their citizens are very numerous here without papers and are not being disturbed.They mingle with the Yoruba setting and become Yorubas automatically since they understand and speak their language.

    Here,we don’t even know again the real Nigerians.Anybody can come in here and do whatever they like and no body questions them.This is quite appalling.

    Our territorial integrity is messed.People enter this Country without papers and live here without papers and go about their normal businesses wihtout papers.What a shame!
    I have been to a close Country here in Africa,where you cannot do business without securing a residence permit and the permit to do work or do any business.Even to open up any Shop,you must have a permit there.To walk on the road,you must have a permit or risk being deported.
    Then imagine a Country like Nigeria that calls herself the Giant of Africa.You walk in here unchecked and do anything.This Country has become a dumping ground.

    I pray the so called leaders should protect us from further insults by other Countries and enacts laws subsequently to protect our territorial integrity.

  3. With all due respect sir, I don’t think Nigerians are wrong by fighting back for once. Time and again these things happen no action is been repatriated and the SA’s have the god’s to say “they can do what ever they want and our government won’t do shit”.


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