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Lai Mohammed gives reasons why FG can’t share the N15billion donated by companies and private Nigerians


Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed explained why the Federal government cannot share to Nigerians the funds donated by private Nigerians and organizations for the fight against coronavirus.

So far, over N15 billion has been donated by private Nigerians and organizations under the auspice ”COVID-19 Relief Fund”.

Nigerians have called on the government to share the N15 billion donated as palliatives during the lockdown over the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Minister who was featured on a Radio Nigeria programme yesterday April 14, said the Federal government does not have the power to distribute such funds. He explained that the private individuals and organizations came together to donate the funds and asked the Federal government how they can help to effectively fight the pandemic.

Lai Mohammed said the Federal government has advised the private individuals to use their donations to help develop the healthcare infrastructure in the country.

The private sector donors are not giving any cash to the federal government and they have made this clear to the people. They said they will support the fight against the pandemic by asking government where they want healthcare infrastructure to be provided. 

What government has done is to request them to build a 30-bed isolation ward and a 10-bed Intensive Care Unit in each state in the country. In addition, the federal government has given them a list of equipment and commodities that will also be needed. Therefore, the issue of using their donations to provide palliative cannot arise.” Lai said


  1. Nah God go punished you Mr lai Muhammad for the big lie you normally told us here in Nigeria so if the private sector does not render any support that shows useless FG will did anything.

  2. Is the minister for information saying that Nigeria doesn’t have the financial muscle to develop the nation’s infrastructure if the private individuals did not come up with the idea? Please let the minister find something else to tell Nigerians.

  3. What is the FG doing with the 21 billion naira the European Union donated to them. Other countries show care for their citizens during this perilous time, but our government has failed us, both the federal and state government. Leaving the people to suffer where is their conscience. During election they see the citizens as their bosses after election the citizens becomes pieces of clothes. Be wise my fellow citizens this government is the worst government in the history of Nigeria.


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