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Lai Mohammed – “We Have Taken Nigeria Out Of Hell, Nobody Should Pray For PDP’s Return”


Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, has said the victory of APC in the presidential election in 2015 REPRESENTS the exit of Nigeria from hell.

He also stated that no one should pray for the return to power of the former ruling party, PDP – this he said in an interview with newsmen in Abuja.

The minister also said the APC is not scared of the possibility that PDP would return to power in 2019.

In his own words,

‘Now, as to whether we are afraid that the PDP would win, I can tell you absolutely, we couldn’t even contemplate it because it would be a tragedy for Nigeria to fall back into the hands of PDP.

Look, we have very painstakingly taken this country through hell, I mean, they dropped us in hell, and we are taking you people out of hell, we can’t come back to Egypt. No, I am serious, it is not about APC, it is about President Muhammadu Buhari, it’s like the kind of revelations that are coming out, the kind of rot, you want those people to come back and preside over the affairs of Nigeria again.

Now, let me ask you for instance what would happen to the investigations that have been held if the PDP should win in 2019? They would be swept under the carpet’ he said



  1. Here we go again. We are getting tired of you politicians pointing fingers at each other and calling names.Fact is ALL OF YOU are living a life of luxury while the masses are suffering hunger , unemployment , floods , no electricity ect,ect. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT if you have nothing better to say and start doing something about our suffering.

  2. Liar is liar no matter how old is he, according to his name and their holy book it is in the blood it is only the blood of Jesus can flush it out, (liar Mohammed indeed)
    Even the blind man knows that APC is from hell and it can only produce hell and it is only the candidate of hell that will vote them again into the power

  3. If he doesn’t have anything to say,he should just keep mute. The future will not forgive him and his unborn generation for this barbaric cum consternated statement. No be eye sickness as per high level of corruption,management and bad leadership.

  4. This man can’t change! Nigerian politicians are set of mad people. APC taken us out of hell or they just drop us in hell. Foolishness on rampage!


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