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Lungs are gone and my heart is working at 30% – International makeup artist as she bids her goodbye


Buntricia Bastian, an international makeup artist, has said her final goodbyes on Instagram as her health deteriorates.

In a heartbreaking post on Instagram, she said that her “lungs are gone” and her “heart is only working at 30%”.

Read what she wrote below;


  1. Hello Buntricia
    You don’t need loose Hope in life, because all things are possible with God Almighty. if he can create you as beautiful as you are, He can create any thing. He is the creator and He is still creating thing including Heart, Lung, Lives Eyes etc. and He can create you a new Lung that will work 100%, only if you believe in Him as your Lord and Savoir. If you believe and want Him to perform His promises and wills for you, then say this prayer with me. “Lord Jesus, I believe in you as my Lord and Savoir, you came to this Earth to die for me, so that I can overcome death. I confess my sins today before you, forgive my sins and cleans me from every unrighteousness with your Blood that was shared in the Cross of Calvary. I believe you rose again on the third day and now you are with the Father in Heaven, I welcome you into my heart, soul and body. Thank you for accepting me today, I am your child forever more in Jesus name amen. And Father according to your word, I declared today that I shall not die but live to declare your word to all in Jesus name. Because, death have no control over me again, I am a true child of the Living God in Jesus name amen. If you said this prayer, I want to assure that you are save, your sins has been forgiving and your Lung is renew. Therefore, with faith go for test and see that God has done it for you.
    Congratulate for you are redeemed a Living Proof, health and healthy in Jesus Christ name
    Sister keep declaring “I shall not die but Live to the Glory of God in Jesus name amen”


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