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Man allegedly kills his cousin and buries him in a shallow grave in Edo state – viewer discretion


A man identified as Coma, was arrested by the Edo state police command for allegedly hacking his cousin, Lateef, to death in the Auchi, Edo state.

A Facebook user, Sheik Aliu Mahmood, shared the story online, saying COMA got information that Lateef was recently paid N2 million from the sale of some parcel of land.

Coma killed his cousin Lateef in a bid o steal the money from him. He took his ATM card and was about transferring the money to his own account when he was apprehended by the police.

”Lateef was killed by his cousin brother with name COMA. According to him, He killed Lateef to get access to his N2million he got from land sales, and eventually collected his ATM card which he already had the PIN.
On Wednesday 13th may, Lateef was last seen with COMA on COMA’s bike.

In search for Lateef, COMA was arrested the following day by Lateef’s parents but he was released the same day as he claimed to have drop the boy at the ATM.

Unknowingly to COMA, the parents of the deceased had already reported his account to Management of the bank. Today, He was about transferring the money from Lateef’s account to his own account when the Bank alerted the parents. He was arrested there and has confessed to killing his cousin brother in order to gain his N2million land money.” 

According to LIB, the state police command spokesperson, DSP Chidi Nwabuzor was contacted, and he confirmed the incident but had a slightly different version of what transpired.

”The suspect and the deceased person are cousins. The deceased bought a land from the suspect and paid him the sum of N250, 000.  The deceased person and the suspect being cousins, have been relating before to the extent that the deceased gave the suspect his ATM pin number. This shows the level of closeness.

The suspect having the knowledge that the deceased had so much money in the bank, decided to lure him into the bush, infact to the particular land he bought from him.

They got into the bush and he used a spanner to hit him by the neck region. The victim fell and he buried him in that same land.”Nwabuzor said

The brother of the deceased was the one who reported the case to the police on May 15.

Nwabuzor said the suspect is currently in police custody and he is being interrogated.

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