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A Man Has Been Arrested for Molesting a 10-year-old Girl For One Year


The Lagos State police command has detained a man by name Adigun, for sleeping with a 10-year-old girl for over a year at Olorunkemi Street, Bariga, Newtelegraph reports.

It was learnt that Adigun had been sleeping with the girl since she was 9 years old and was in primary five. The suspect must have been defiling the girl since January 2017 without her parents knowledge.

Adigun used to force the girl into his house whenever she wants to go to the mosque to pray about 6 a.m. and sleep with her. The bubble was burst by a counsellor in the girl’s school.

It was learnt that the girl and her friends were playing a game, ‘truth or dare,’ when they asked themselves to swear if any man had had se.x with them. Other girls said yes, but the victim simply kept silent. The counsellor became alerted.

The Coordinator for Child Protection Network, Toyin Okanlawon, who reported the matter, said: “She suddenly became calm when her friends asked her to swear.

That was what drew the attention of the counsellor, who asked her what the problem was. The victim opened up to her on how their neighbour had been having marathon se.x with her for over a year.

The medical test later confirmed she had been abused. The suspect confessed at the police station that whenever he does not go to work, he would defile the minor.

Adigun’s family had been threatening the victim’s parents, which was why I took up the case. I want them to get justice. The suspect also claimed that the girl used to come to his room to seek assistance, that he didn’t force her.

When the victim told her mother about the abuse, she said the girl was talking nonsense because the rapist’s sister is a close friend of the victim’s mother.”


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