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Man catches wife in bed with her ex who is also married, beats and parades them naked in Enugu state


A married woman was allegedly caught having se.x with her ex, who is also a married man, and they were both stripped and humiliated in their community in Enugu state.

The incident happened yesterday in Amokwe village, in Oduma, Aninri local government area, Enugu state.

Reports says, the married man left his village and journeyed to Amokwe to meet with his ex who is now a married woman. But neighbors alerted the woman’s husband and the couple were caught having se.x in the woman’s matrimonial home.

The infidelity angered the woman’s husband who then tried to cut off his rival’s p*nis but was held back by locals.

The woman and her lover were stripped, beaten, and paraded by community leaders who said this is the first time such an abomination will be happening in the community. The married man was also made to walk about with wedding photos of his married lover hanging from his neck.


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