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Man caught his fiancee red handed having se.x with his best man just 3 weeks to their wedding



A man has only three weeks to wed his fiancee, but before he could say “I do” to her, He caught his wife-to-be and his best man having se.x.

It was gathered that the man’s girlfriend of 5 years was sleeping with his best man. Here’s @Jenniieey’s tweets;

“What will u do if u find out ur fiance/fiancee is cheating on u with d bridesmaid/best man 3 weeks to your wedding?. My friend is devastated right now & totally confused, He gave me permission to post his story. He caught his fiancee wiv his best man(best friend)”

“They’ve been dating over 5yrs & got engaged last year and the wedding is supposed to happen in 3weeks. He loves this babe so much, he’s done stuff for her, he treated her like a Queen and respect her.. most times when she comes around to his place”

“His friends r around after work. He introduced her to one of them who is his best friend years ago and not best man but I guess they went behind his back and took the introduction to another level.. although he said he was suspecting the closeness”

“But he thought he was just paranoid and didn’t think a thing like that could happen between them..cos he trusts both of them.. but for years they’ve been doing stuff behind his back.They all hang out, eat together and gist but nothing prepared him for this”

“He traveled a few days ago and was suppose to come back Thursday..but 4days ago, another friend called him to inform him that something is not right with his bride to be and his best man that he is only telling him cos he feels it’s d right thing to do”

“My friend thought dis guy who told him stuff was just one of those bad Belle people who doesn’t want u to settle down..he kept thinking about it but didn’t tell anyone.So yesterday he decided to leave Abuja for Lagos but didn’t tell anyone he had changed his plan”

“He canceled his travel from Thursday (4days from now) and brought it to yesterday..he arrived Lagos and went home straight but in mind, he was praying that everything he heard was not true..he got home (his fiancee stays with him) and used his key”

“He went straight to the bedroom and when he opened the door, he said he almost fainted.. everything was true. she was in bed wiv his best man and he said he didn’t know what to do but that if he had reacted, he wud have attacked his friend because he betrayed him”

“So he said he just turned back and closed the door and left the house for them .. he went to his mom’s house but don’t know what and how to tell her what he saw .. How do u tell u mom u saw ur bride be in bed with your best man 3weeks to your wedding”

“Everything is done and ready .. invitation cards sent out, hall booked.. and the funniest thing she’s been calling and texting that it’s a mistake and she’s sorry but he should not cancel the wedding cause people will shame her and insult her”

“She even got her mom to call him to talk to him but she didn’t tell her mom d reason y he’s angry wiv her, she just told her mom that they had a fight and he’s not talking to her.. my friend said he doesn’t know how and if to tell his fiancee’s mom what he saw”

“He’s confused and doesn’t know what to do if to cancel d wedding or tell his mom or his fiancee’s mom what really happened but according to him he can’t trust her again or his best man and can’t have d wedding with her and he has told her already”

“But how will he tell his family and her family about his decision to cancel the wedding..visitors coming for d wedding, how will he inform them.. he needs to know the right way to handle this situation..he is reading my thread so pls tell him”


  1. You don’t know how to tell your parents and her’s you said? Tell them exactly what happened and cancel the whole marriage charade.

  2. Broadcast to everyone, tell her family, call off the wedding, suffer the heart break now so that you don’t suffer and die heart broken later.
    You are so lucky you caught them.

  3. Cancel the wedding and pray for your future partner. She will still keep date with your friend even if u get married to her they will plan where to meet. Just pull the bull by the hone and tell her parents and yours what u saw. Thanks and best wishes.

  4. he should just call it a quit and seek the presence of God for divine direction thanks. they both are not meant for each other.

  5. Even couples who are legitimately married the only condition for divorce is when you caught your partner right in the act of adultery, Now you are not even married & she’s been exposed fornicating under your roof, No fear of God, what counsel are you waiting for? do you need a prophet to tell you what to do? God is not an author of confusion, if God can expose her before the wedding day, God is simply telling you not to go ahead with the wedding, A broken relationship is beta than a broken marriage. A dog will always go back to his or her vomit, Whatever handwriting you see on the wall today while courting is an indication what will happen in your marriage. Forget about what you have invested in time of resources, it will be restored. God always take away the first to establish the second, until you allow that prostitute to go, the right lady will not come.
    It is well my brother.

    • Even though the bible says furnication is the way for divorced but rememember Jesus still did not permit divorce he is totally against it .cos marriage BTW a man and a woman is like marriage BTW Jesus and the church,and Jesus said it DAT in the beginning God created one man ,one woman not one man two or three wives or one woman two or three husband’s .so in marriage when a woman finds out her man is cheating on her and he ask for forgiveness she should forgive that should be a means to jump into another mans bed God is wise and he knows our tots,likewise the man too,in marriage we should be prayerful and learn to forgive and also tolerate its not a bed of roses. And the devil does not like marriage cos it is Gods own institution.

  6. A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage because at times a broken relationship is a deliverance in disguise. That u discover dis anomaly I congratulate you.
    About informing ur family and hers, their is no big deal. Simply tell them the wedding is postponed till further notice, u will communicate to them in due course.
    Now go back to God and serve Him if you’re not genuinely born again please give your life to Christ He has the best for you (Romans 8:32).
    Guest what? You have a Bright future and ur marriage shall be Paradise on Earth.
    Best Regards

  7. Marriage is a serious union.
    Thank God that you discovered on time.
    My Advice: inform your people and her people what you saw then take a long walk from her and your best man before they will start pouring stories aganist you. Some doors have to close for deeply beautiful doors to open.
    All the best bro.

  8. Forget about the wedding. Its God that wants you not to raise bastard as your own children. Be grateful.

  9. Some men know their girlfriends are prostitutes yet they still go ahead and marry the ladies. She can change for better it is only her conscience will worry her till eternity, You can go ahead and marry her. Who knows who will cone next. Keep a sharp distance from your friend he is a killer. “Whoever sleep with one wife don’t mind killing at slight opportunity”. He is a weakening. Shame your friend that your wife is your wife, he should go and look for his own

  10. You are luck to find out on time otherwise you will have raised other man children as yours. Good riddance to bad rubbish

  11. This is bad. Just imagine you didnt find out about this till after the wedding. hmm. This sort of woman can kill sha. He should simply call it all off, explain to both families why, pick up himself and move on. U both are not yet married except u just want to marry her that way, then be ready for what comes with your decision. Good luck

  12. Mr quiecy story thanking Cynthia bcos she said wat u already want to do. I know u still luv her and it will be hard to leave her whether she fu.ck anoda u no mind. Anyway my advice is for u to marry her, ignor if she still like fu.ck anoda man and find urself ur own fu.ck mate. Then years latercu divorce wen any of una tire. Or:
    U end that shit and look for the girl u Neva catch yet with anoda man (cos almost all the girls like many prick) and marry in anoda suitable date. Then years later una go enjoy bcos no bad memories.

  13. Hmmm this is atough one, marriage is a very serious business, and should be treated as such. This guy should go on his knees to ask God for direction

  14. what is the meaning of tell me why you did what you did that is an action that was planned and carried out bros end that marriage trust me she would do it again na for your safety i write this comment sha

  15. U guys should remember that he only have just 3 weeks to the wedding. No time! From my own humble opinion, the girl in question is not meant for that guy…….She is not her missing ribs!!!!

  16. Send letters cancelling the wedding. Seek the face of God for a while and God will direct you on what to do. Simple text message or email can do it.

  17. She is not yet his wife and it is quite easy at this point to truncate all arrangement. He will only incur costs for thing he already paid for. He should first ask her why she did it and then send the lady away, and inform her father,mother, brother and his own parents . he can then decide whether to wed someone else on that day or wed the same woman but be ready to father someone’s child or go to early grave.

  18. Come to me am available and God fearing I will comfort you in the midst of this heartbreak. That’s not a good woman to be with she can kill you for something pleasurable to her. call me on this line

  19. I will advice that you still wed that day, but with her friend. If you know any of her friend who is fateful enough and good to make a wife, then go for her. Don’t inform ur visitors, just confide in your family and share with anyone close enough to know

  20. My dear, you better cancel the wedding right now, God is not in support of that wedding, i suggest u maintain d wedding date, but not your fiancee again but let ur family get u a good fearing lady u can marry & have peace of mind to avoid untimely death bcos that ur fiancee will still collaborate with dat same guy(best man) & send u to early grave & be enjoying ur wealth whereby ur in d grave crying bitterly without a solution… a word is enough 4 d wise… May God grant u wisdom fast…

  21. he should put the wedding on hold for now. call for an emergency meeting explain to the fiancée’s mum, his own mum and the fiancée herself to explain why she acted that way. when things are not meant for you God has a way of exposing them. a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. I know how you are feeling right now but you need to hold yourself together . you don’t need any explanation to give to anyone. they will only come to eat rice, amala and oha soup but they don’t know what you are passing through. but if you feel you love her as you claim you can forgive her and continue with the wedding. it your choice but think wisely your decision lays in your hands.
    talking from experience.
    All the best with your decisions.

    • Thank you my dear…that’s a level headed reply. In addition, Please do not because of this one mishap shy away from marriage its a beautiful thing when you do it right. Seek counsel from God!

  22. Council the wedding with her and take one of her single best friend to alter on that day as your wedded wife because many will be looking for that opportunity.

    • stop thinking and just cancel d wedding because broken courtship is better than broken marriage. At d moment dt is what it is. forget d money u have spent. u will make it back even more. u need trust in a marriage. dt u no longer have so cancel it and tell everyone d truth. don’t hid evil. expose it.
      wish u well in ur future marriage, not this one. cheers

  23. He should as soon as possible CANCEL the wedding or else if he goes ahead with the wedding the lady will continue to cheat and he will be saddled with another mans kid(s).If his best friend is good enough to sleep with the Lady in question should MARRY HIM THEN!!!

  24. Are your a Christian?
    Go and meet a real man of God to counsel you.
    But if you know you that you don’t have a BIG hear to contain this shock, then boost the relationship. Because a abandoned relationship is better than a divorce.
    Take an emergency trip now, put off your phone, not in contact with anyone, even your parents, to surface after the wedding day.

    How are we sure that affair does not have a pending baby in the womb waiting to be delivered after the wedding. There could be tendency to continue having secret affair during marriage and making baby for you.

    In all, BE WISE

  25. No need bidding something that will hunt you for the rest of your life. Just let them know what happen and move on with your life. Pray and trust God for a better partner.

  26. No sentiment, he should cancel the wedding. This is the sign that the marriage will not work. Let him the both family members and every other important person that needs to know about it.

  27. The best friend want to set his fiancee up. He should investigate what brought up the attitude. He should not tell his mother yet, but tell the lady’s family first. If what he find out doesn’t sound well then he should let his own be aware of the situation and end the relationship. Thank u.

  28. He should tell his parents first, after which he proceed to d church to begin d calling off d wedding from their, ,,,i believe ds kind of news travel like wild fire n don’t need a media,,,,,, Take heart Bro cos she s not urs….and Tnk God it happened b4 d wedding

  29. Thank God the wedding was still in the “incubator,’ God loves this guy so much to have revealed the true identity of a “prostitute wife” to be. A leopard can never has is skin change even with a trillion birth with soap from anywhere.Forget about the money spent on wedding arrangements or any other. Please seek God intervention and be more prayerful for a life partner.You too should get more serious with your life. So, move on guy and be in the company of right people for counseling.Bible forbid divorce but on one ground,FORNICATION AND ADULTERY!

  30. He should tell his own mum and the fiancee’s brothers, sisters, father and mother. The fiances mum should be the last person to be told. Thank You


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