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Man caught his fiancee red handed having se.x with his best man just 3 weeks to their wedding



A man has only three weeks to wed his fiancee, but before he could say “I do” to her, He caught his wife-to-be and his best man having se.x.

It was gathered that the man’s girlfriend of 5 years was sleeping with his best man. Here’s @Jenniieey’s tweets;

“What will u do if u find out ur fiance/fiancee is cheating on u with d bridesmaid/best man 3 weeks to your wedding?. My friend is devastated right now & totally confused, He gave me permission to post his story. He caught his fiancee wiv his best man(best friend)”

“They’ve been dating over 5yrs & got engaged last year and the wedding is supposed to happen in 3weeks. He loves this babe so much, he’s done stuff for her, he treated her like a Queen and respect her.. most times when she comes around to his place”

“His friends r around after work. He introduced her to one of them who is his best friend years ago and not best man but I guess they went behind his back and took the introduction to another level.. although he said he was suspecting the closeness”

“But he thought he was just paranoid and didn’t think a thing like that could happen between them..cos he trusts both of them.. but for years they’ve been doing stuff behind his back.They all hang out, eat together and gist but nothing prepared him for this”

“He traveled a few days ago and was suppose to come back Thursday..but 4days ago, another friend called him to inform him that something is not right with his bride to be and his best man that he is only telling him cos he feels it’s d right thing to do”

“My friend thought dis guy who told him stuff was just one of those bad Belle people who doesn’t want u to settle down..he kept thinking about it but didn’t tell anyone.So yesterday he decided to leave Abuja for Lagos but didn’t tell anyone he had changed his plan”

“He canceled his travel from Thursday (4days from now) and brought it to yesterday..he arrived Lagos and went home straight but in mind, he was praying that everything he heard was not true..he got home (his fiancee stays with him) and used his key”

“He went straight to the bedroom and when he opened the door, he said he almost fainted.. everything was true. she was in bed wiv his best man and he said he didn’t know what to do but that if he had reacted, he wud have attacked his friend because he betrayed him”

“So he said he just turned back and closed the door and left the house for them .. he went to his mom’s house but don’t know what and how to tell her what he saw .. How do u tell u mom u saw ur bride be in bed with your best man 3weeks to your wedding”

“Everything is done and ready .. invitation cards sent out, hall booked.. and the funniest thing she’s been calling and texting that it’s a mistake and she’s sorry but he should not cancel the wedding cause people will shame her and insult her”

“She even got her mom to call him to talk to him but she didn’t tell her mom d reason y he’s angry wiv her, she just told her mom that they had a fight and he’s not talking to her.. my friend said he doesn’t know how and if to tell his fiancee’s mom what he saw”

“He’s confused and doesn’t know what to do if to cancel d wedding or tell his mom or his fiancee’s mom what really happened but according to him he can’t trust her again or his best man and can’t have d wedding with her and he has told her already”

“But how will he tell his family and her family about his decision to cancel the wedding..visitors coming for d wedding, how will he inform them.. he needs to know the right way to handle this situation..he is reading my thread so pls tell him”


  1. You better forget about the wedding and rather think of preserving your life from sudden death. Forget about all the preparations and money spent, GOD will replenish them. Run far from that lady and your supposed friend. Give yourself to GOD and prayers, GOD will guide you to the right woman

  2. This matter is easily solved. Does she have a sister, cousin or close friend? Tell her to donate one of them for the sake of peace, then break up with her afterwards. Case closed

  3. This is a ship that has been rocking even before leaving harbour such never get to their destination in one piece bro jump ship before it’s too late and you drown from the capsizing ship mid sea .

  4. LOLL.Leave her o, I can relate to this. it’s hard to imagine leaving someone you love but trust me it’s for the better. I was once seeing someone whom i had thought was the love of life, we had the same birthday, chemistry and everything, her name was Chikodi udeh. One night I had caught her with my friend and office colleague smooching in his car near her house. Caught part of the thing video recording and still have it far away somewhere in my icloud till this day. Apparently i should’ve learnt from finding out before we started seeing each other that she cheated in her past relationship which let to her breakup with her former ex-boyfriend. I recall she always says men are scum! Men are Scum! not knowing that she was only subconsciously reflecting that which she was herself. Ladies like these are the scum of the earth and you will only die early, as i nearly did if you continue with such a relationship. Looking back i thank God for my experience and it has taught me a lot about dating in general and things to watch out for. It took me almost 2 years to heal as this was very devastating. I pray to God you move forward and meet a better person. Not all women are bad. At the moment i dating a girl who seems to be perfect for my life and i only pray that everything works well for both of us. All might seem gloomy now but i assure you it’s no the end.

  5. First, ANNOUNCE a date postponement.

    Now take a long rest to think about the entire event and NOT only the last act.

    If you decide against marry her, bro tell both families and that is all. People will only continue plan when and if there is a date.

    Sorry man!!!!

  6. First off, make sure you protect that your friend who told you about your brise-to-be se.x escapade with your best friend else they will slice him like suya. Regarding the wedding, guy, call it off else both of you will be miserable in your home. Due to betrayed trust, you’ll mark and monitor her every movement like FRI and this won’t give you peace of him. On her own part, she will never be comfortable around you anymore. Sleeping with her as a wife may become a problem in your home and nothing can be more frustrating. I advise you to let both parents know what went wrong before she destroys your reputation with lies.

  7. I had such experience in my final year in school then, the experience was bad. She was also my Fiancee, I went to the lecture but both don’t have lectures on that day but something was telling me to cancel my own lecture for that day, cos I can’t trust there closeness any more. I returned to my bunk and find out the door has been jammed, Trust me i have my extra key, I opened the door and saw two Naked adults on my bed, I sent both out of my room.


    • Forgive the lady. Postpone the wedding forever like life sentence. Relate d matter d wife parent and ur parent only. Relocate and block her off ur contact also her families off ur phone .

  9. it will be very stupid and suicidal if the man continues with that marriage. Such a woman is worse than the devil….. She will surely make the man to die young. It is the holy spirit that reveals her true self to you before you say i do. Thank God that your blood is not as hot as mine….. you have a cold heart man!

  10. If I was in your shoes I would go ahead and marry my wife cause it is stupid to leave your would be wife to another man because if you love something you got to fight for it. You should not accept another man to be better than yourself. Talk to your fiancee and forgive her and assure her your total support. She is not the first one to cheat and its a sin that can be forgiven. Do not allow someone pleasure to hurt you cause you at no fault. Take courage and be strong. If you forgive her I strongly believe that she will be very supportive, honest, faithfully and loving cause you would have done what many men are capable to do. It takes to be a real man to do the real man thing which is to swallow your price and accept to error is human

    • I totally disagree with your view on this. They are not married yet and she already into such act. What assurance do you have that worst of it won’t happen in their marriage?, going through with this marriage proposal is a suicide mission if you ask me. I don’t know if you are saying this from experience. “A broken engagement is better than a broken marriage”.

    • I couldn’t determine your se.x from your names, if you’re a man, then you’re the stupidest I’ve met all my life, if you are a woman, then you’re as evil as that bride.
      Let’s think before we talk please.

    • Pls just leave her and move on with your life, she cannot stop the relationship after marriage don’t let anybody deceive you


    • Why will someone advice him to forgive and go back to the wife to be. Affliction shall never fall on anyone the second time. If you read the story very well you will find out that there was already a secret relationship going on btw d best man and bride to be. Who knows if they are not planning sth terrible to the man ones he marries the lady. Probably killing him and then d best man takes over. For the groom to be, pls call off the so called wedding and live your life in peace cos no one builds a family on mistrust. That lady is definitely not your bone of bone.

  11. You have not committed any crime for cancelling the wedding, that is not your wife go and look for yours.

    • Let both Mum know what is on ground, back out and have your peace. I am sure her mum won’t take it if you were to be her son.

    • Pls just leave her and move on with your life, she cannot stop the relationship after marriage don’t let anybody deceive you

  12. A broken engagement is better than a divorce. He should cancel the marriage even if it remains a day if he does not want to sign his obituary. The lady will not stop even after marriage. So he should pray hard, work hard and use the current experience to move forward. He should not allow this to devastate him.

  13. Calling meeting over the issue is a disgrace to your person.
    Gently address your mum’s heart with the truth so she may know why marriage with her is not visible again.
    Three weeks is enough to do your cancelling in all the realms of positioning and support that may have been laid.
    Take a leave far from questions and further stories on this, guard your heart seriously from damage of rumours, lies and hate speech that tends to follow such incident.
    As you calm, the Lord will sort you out with your own bride.
    Do not forget to send happy marriage life wish to them.

  14. The best thing is to call her and wish her the best of her life and your best friend too but let your parent be aware and her parent otherwise she will kill you while telling the whole world that you disappoint her at end

  15. There is no two ways about it. Call off the marriage and inform both families. Thank God you have enough time to do that. If they can been having se.x in your bed few days to the wedding, you can imagine what has been going on behind you years back. She might even be pregnant for him now. If you continue with this sham in d name of marriage and because of shame, you will be dead soon. se.xual sin with reckless abandoned has finish this wicked generation.

  16. They may have been doing this though, your power and resolve to forgive is tested, i will advice you forgive her to learn how to forgive. but i wont advice you to marry her, it is painful, i can feel it. call off the wedding or do what your mind tells you. Good luck.

    • With the rate of divorce currently on the increase, why will somebody with flesh and blood advice him to forgive and go on with wedding plans? Forgive her, that is human error, if not, it will affect the lady you will finally settle down with. Have a mind to mind discussion with her concerning the marriage and call it off. Both of you should go your separate ways in peace.

  17. He should tell the both parents and cancel d wedding, she is not his wife.More serious thing may happen in future if he marries that lady.q

  18. My brother call off the wedding immediately but tell both families what has happened. There can never be trust again if you continue with the wedding


  20. it is better you call for a meeting between the two family,explain in details to them why the marriage cannot continue,as for the wedding i advise you cancel it ,and look for a better person who will be faithful to you

  21. I humbly suggest that you go ahead with the wedding as scheduled but with another lady if there is ! Let the secret out only to your parents but all the invitees should only meet your real bride that day! At the reception, the man giving the toast can give a hint on how he met his real bride! No quarrels but trust is betrayed with closest person to him; therefore they both could gang up together to kill him later!

    • Please run for your life. God is not the author of confusion. He has revealed this to you at time as this to save you from future damage. If you go ahead and marry Her you may live the rest of your life keep having constant issues with Her because trust already has been broken.

    • @Collins Taiwo, go ahead with the wedding as scheduled but with another lady?? Really??? Honestly I don’t understand this your advice at all, if there is another lady 3 weeks to his wedding then it means he too was unfaithful to his bride-to-be else I don’t see how you can come up with a new bride 3 weeks to a scheduled wedding and expect things to carry on as planned. Is a bride something you can easily pick up at shop rite or what?? Am trying to see the funny side of this your Nigerian movie advice but still can’t find the laugh.

  22. If she has the guts to sleep with my best friend then I guess they should be together and leave me be. There is no need to prolong the talk. Why would anybody want to be in a relationship where you will be at work and be wondering what’s going on in your home Biko??? I can forgive but not so sure I will ever forget. This sort of thing hurts to the marrow and nobody in their right senses can dig this shit. So please just jeje let it go so you don’t commit murder. E kwu cha la m.

  23. The truth is just that most people preaching forgiveness here can’t even take that step if they were to be in your shoes. She probably likes the best man better than she likes you (they may have been laughing at you behind you), but now that she has been caught she finally has a conscience and starts to think about the shame she’s about to receive. If you’re ready and willing to raise another man’s child in case she gets pregnant by him, go ahead. If not, let her go because I don’t believe for a minute that you can ever forgive or forget. A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. Save your future children from having to experience a loveless home. You have to love and respect yourself before you can give her that. Let everyone know. P.S, if you forgive her, there’s the probability that she will still do the same thing and she will always expect you to forgive her. Save yourself from the sin of divorce.

  24. Please don’t take to any advice or solutions been proffered here on the comments section or from any of your friends or relatives. It easy for people to give advices and solutions in abstracts but you are the one in the practical sense of it. Nobody can ever feel what you’re feeling now, except they are in the same happening with you. So the sole decision lies on you. Please pray to your God , and advice your self only. There moments in life when we found ourselves at the crossroads, we are confused without a roadmap, but the decision we made at that point can find the rest of our day. You’re currently at your own crossroads without a roadmap, will you turn back and go back to the starting point or forge forward and continues your journey? What ever decision you make can either make you and marred you. But believe nothing just because people tells you, or you read it in a book, or its of devine origin or simply because your mother told you to be true doesn’t make it truth. Believe only what you yourself can test and judge to be true.

    • Which kind story u Dey talk? 😕 him don talk say him no do again say him just need advice on how to tell him goons and d girl goons. To me, the girl goons send text message. Your own goons, tell d close person to u so him go tell d rest. Simple

  25. Please, inform your parent and her parent and send out Bulk SMS that the weeding has been cancell. pls do that and hope for better wife in life. if u marry her, u will not be at peace in your marriage life. God have a reason for revealing to you what has been happening .Take advantage and be carefull

  26. pls, Bro. continue with the wedding and do your best to forgive her cos God forgive you also when you fall short of his glory and I promise you that she will do anything to make your marriage work and to please you all the days of your life together but call her and both of you should discuss about what has happen and let her promise you that it will not repeat itself ever again. if you do this this same woman you want to put away will end up to be the BEST woman you have ever know.

    • Well, if u were already married to her before this incident happened, I will say to u, forgive her and believe God to make her clean and brand new for u again through the blood of Jesus Christ. But since u are not yet married to her, this is a sign that it is not ur wife. It maybe that ur best man had just found his wife through u. Please forgive her and set her free. God love u so much and that is why He revealed it to u before time. Give ur life to Jesus Christ today as ur personal Lord and Saviour of ur life and He will show u ur real wife because He is the marriage maker. Peace!


  27. First of all asses yourself bro. Have u been cheating on her while in relationship? if yes is in ur heart then she is only unfortunate to be caught while u were smarter in the game than her as u both were playing away the paradigm for marriage from the supreme dirty. If this is really true, u both do not belong to each other and blames should never be pushed respectively. Rather, both should recognize ur falls and cry for Gods forgiveness and determine to repent in ernest and seek Gods direction, The bible says “The steps of a man are established by the Lord, Psalm 32:8-9 also says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you shall go and will guide u with my eyes. That is to say u need Gods guidance to make a virtuous choice for life else a mistake incorrectable, If u give ur life to JESUS CHRIST and lean not on ur own understanding and ways, shone the sentimental way the wall is getting married today, He will direct ur paths to ur Gods given wife and husband and ur steps can not slide. Proverb 31:10-31 says about a virtuous woman is found only in God.

    The bottom line is that, let JESUS and His fear reign in ur life both and He will work out ur world of marriage respectively filled with peace and harmony cos u can nt do for ur self.
    ”The blessings of God makes rich and adds no sorrow”
    ”By strength shall no man prevail”.

  28. Find d detail,if that is the first time, forgive her is devil work to make life miserable for you.after all you are not the person that disvarging her.se.x is not only the reason for marriage.did know how many girls you sleep with, did you marry them, some body did.

  29. Have you put yourself in her shoe? if you were the one involved with her best friend what will you expect from her?
    You will want her to forgive you and the marrage will sill hold. Why can you forgive her and let the marrage hold. Maybe she will not do it again.

  30. Bro.., what is there to think about? If I may ask you, do you truly love your own Life? God truly loves you & has revealed this to you early enough before getting into the trap of marrying Her. Just start by telling your Parents & everybody who cares to listen what truly happens, if not they would consider you heartless & irresponsible for calling off the wedding without any cogent reasons. If you choose in the name of love to go ahead to marry Her, trust me this feeling may go ahead & hunt you for the rest of your Life. She is capable of even killing you, I’m not mincing words here, if she can do this heartless to do this to you, believe you me, she could do worse. It hurts real bad Bro I can understand, forgive Her & let go then move on with your Life. She isn’t who you thought she were. Run for your dear life Bro, that is if you truly love your life.

  31. i am short of words my brother
    but if you are a christian i am veru sure such wudnt av appened
    but jxt thank God that it didnt go longer than dat thats wat u shud be thinking

  32. There is no any other way to tell her parents and your parents that the wedding will not hold again than to call a meeting of both of them and break the news to them and actually tell them the truth of what happened.Don’t go ahead with the wedding already there is no trust again.

  33. Am sure this is not the first time its happening and i believe it might continue to happen at your back if you go on with the wedding…..my friend burst that relationship and start afresh and be wise.

  34. Allow the wedding to go as planned. Play dumb. On the day, in church allow the officiating pastor to ask if anyone has a reason for the wedding to be cancelled, give like some minutes to pass, when he want to join u, you then say you have a few words to say, then calmly say, you object to the wedding, that you ain’t getting married again cos you caught your fiancee in bed with your best man. That you’ve forgiven them but you can’t go on with the wedding, then calmly walk out of the church, go to a bar, and have a drink on me!

  35. Hello Ola! Thank your God that this has was revealed before your marriage. God makes all thing to work together for our good.Firstly, I want to ask you with all sincerity, what is your mind telling you? Are still have a room for second chance for her? If not, let her go, because if you don’t, you will never experience the happiness you deserve for your marriage because the TRUST factor has been hampered. If you guys has fulfilled your marriage I would have suggested you think otherwise, but now, you can still start afresh.though it is painful but you must love your self before you can love others

  36. wow , this is so sad . bro i feel your pains . it best u call a meeting invite ur best friend and other friends , your family and the lady’s family . all in one room and then let them know what you saw and that you want the wedding canceled , she may beg you for the sake of what people would say u should not cancel the wedding but didnt think of how you would feel if you catch her in the act . thats sucidal . for the sake of rest of mind my brother , it best you let go and you move on with your life . or better still you sumon boldness and courage to break it up on the said wedding day at the venue and you have your peace . you have been cheated on years back before now , it only that this is the time you got to know . Becareful of who you call your best friend . Pray to God to lead your steps and always lead you to the right and safe path of life . guess i have said enough . Be strong bro . i know how it feels cuz eyes don see too .

  37. Good comments, my question goes, what if there there is a conception on that there meeting, meaning that this man will be raising another man’s baby,please young man be wise God exposed this to for a purpose, for greater things would have happened. Also thank the person that give u a call of what is happening.Be wise

  38. Hmmmm….. This is really a pathetic story. I really feel for you bro. But if I may ask you sir, you said you and this lady dated for 5 years? I think 5 years is really enough to know little, at least 30% of this lady’s behavior. If you have seen some parts of her that made you to finally made up your mind and wish to have her as your wife, my dear I would suggest you forgive her wholeheartedly, though believe me, it is very hard. But believe me brother, ladies generally are weak vessels, she might not really meant it to cheat on you but you know guys now, with their tricks to get a lady at all means, she might actually fell victim of such tricks…
    Brother, am so sorry to say this but to me I think you also should be blamed, you noticed a closeness between your wife to be and your best friend, my dear, nothing is bad if you had for once challenged her but not accuse her of what she has not done. Simply, I noticed your closeness with my best friend, I think you should stop being too close to him blah blah blah would have saved all these. But if actually you did cuz I couldn’t really say you didn’t, probably you had been a very busy man and have little time for her. To be honest with you man, any lady will fall for any man who is always there for her. Any mean who is always making sure she feels less bored, any man who really cares for her. That may be what you lack man.
    I wouldn’t really say you should break up with her, I wouldn’t advice you to stay with her but I want you to sit down and think of her good sides too, weight it with her bad sides of her good is more than her bad, I would suggest you still go for her but if otherwise, I wouldn’t say you should leave her but think well about it. Also, we all have our minds, always do what your good mind tells you to do.

    Have it in mind bro that if she go away, another better man will see her and hook her, and how are you so sure if the last you are gonna date after her if she wouldn’t be worst than her. Just sit and think about it very well brother. I feel your pain


    • With all due respect I beg to decipher with your opinion…if the man she has been with for 5 yrs is lagging in some aspects of his life, she should have called him and talked to him… baby u haven’t been there for me, baby I need your time and attention..baby don’t you think… that would have sorted the whole thing rather than using his friend as a substitute to satisfy her inate desire… Mr man think it through if h marry this girl she may either continue cheating or not cheat but, h can’t be too sure… I would say you call of the marriage and send messages on fone for people to cancel the date… marriage is a lifetime commitment take your time bro if after some years u are convinced she is yours you can go ahead and give her a second chance but definitely not under pressure please a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage

  39. my friend, a tough call for you. yes you may still love her but that is because your love was real. i think you should not continue with such a relationship, what you had suspected before now come to reality, just be thankful it did not go out of hand when you caught them. as for your relationship with her please just move on ,otherwise you will just put yourself into further problem . the family you can inform them that the wedding date has been cancelled. yeah have the meeting with both family and let her speak on her own behalf representing her side of her family. truly forgive her from your heart . but you do not deserved such a treatment move on with your life, leave her to have her fun. in your hoe in your bed.

  40. In the first place, there is no marriage relationship, so there is nothing to forgive, no legality in illegality, bot of them were rebels against God s word against immorality, otherwise what was she doing in the so-called fiance’s house,
    When she was not yet married to him,
    Let him go back to God, seek for mercy and a new direction in his life

  41. I cant believe you are still contemplating on what to do. That woman can kill you bro. If you decide to cover her shame then your shame would multiply. I MEAN she would literarily se.x every of your close friends. I mean how are you even going to be safe to leave that kind of woman at home and travel?

    However, if you have also been caught cheating once or twice and she forgave you . Then see this as a time to repay the favour. Forget the fact that you’re a man or not , cheating is cheating.

  42. There is no any better way to inform both parents in such a devastating situation’ let him just spill the beans , call off the wedding , forgive both losers and move on . The lord will console him with a good wife!

    • Pastor or family? This sounds pathetic, the act doesn’t need further explanation nor interpretation to validate the immorality of the act…. He should just forgive her(which is hard but not impossible), forget her(the best thing for him is to make her one his past experiences) and move on cos shit happens and life rocks on.

  43. What a pathetic story!!! you did well by not attacking your friend and your fiance! see this revelation however as a blessing in disguise, God really loves you to have made you witness this scenario. So many guys have made this gruesome mistake and even had children that is supposedly theirs but only to embarrassingly discover otherwise. My brother you need to prophet to tell you what to do. Furthermore,don’t make a mistake and hide what they have done. I wish you the very best.

  44. Hmmm devils work, both of them are devil, speak out and let devil b ashame. it nt too late bro, broken relationship is better broken marriage. i rejoice with u bro. go on ur kneels and seek the face of God. shalom.

  45. For this reason, Islam forbids other lawyers to meet each other and start the hijab in Islam, which they fight in the West, if there was a veil for what happened with the women and men in this story,
    After all, the man must think deeply about the future of his sons, and tomorrow they may discover what the mother’s relationship was. What is the feeling of the mother and the father, so he suggested that they separate from each other and look for a new life from a new person? Sleeping

  46. Marriage is between two people who are probably in love, in this case the woman in question does not love you; because if she does, she would not hurt you. That said, i think both of you are not meant to be husband and wife. So go find your wife who will respect you and have feelings for you and wish this bad egg well in her chosen endavour.

    For both parents, call a meeting and brief them on the reason for the cancellation of the wedding, your mother will not even pray for you to marry such a woman. If you go ahead with the marriage the woman will sleep with your dry cleaners or even your gate man when you travel. She’s likely possessed. my opinion though

    Thank you

  47. That’s the end of the wedding and the relationship. If you go ahead to marry her, you will regret it.She will do worse after marriage with the best man and other men. A broken courtship is better than a broken marriage. She has proved that she is not for marriage with you. Be bold and be courageous. Let your parents and her parents know the truth hiding nothing.if you go ahead and marry her and she continues her prostitution, you are the one to bear the cross and the pain. Don’t consider any third party feelings and sentiments. She is a prostitute. Run! You are fortunate to discover before the wedding.

  48. Wow. My own point of view.
    Please forgive both of them. According to the teaching of Islam, Allah forgive his servants, who are we not to forgive our own if He who create everything will forgive all. But it doesn’t mean you should marry her. You can’t marry her because u will always remember what u saw and u may not trust her again, and marriage is build on trust. If spouse did not trust each other, their marriage is broken.
    The Allah (SAW) said, savants should not expose each others bad behaviors and secret to others. Try and preach to those doing wrong things and show them the God’s way, because God’s way is the best. However, the act you saw the doing, is an evil act. Remind them that they are Good Christians or Muslims as the case may be, and God hate what they did, They should repent and fear God’s punishment in the here after, they should seek for God’s forgiveness because God is always ready to forgive them.
    If u think u can trust her again with whole of your heart, u can go ahead with the marriage. Both if you can’t trust her again, the best option is don’t marry her because marriage is already broken without trust.
    God knows the best.

  49. everybody is right, but the decision remains with the guy,..i’ll advice he and his wife to be to sit and discuss the situation, for him to know the whole truth about what have been going on behind him. if there is any solution , so be it and if there is no solution, break up then. but guy ,please know the whole truth and see how things can work out

    • paul you have spoken like a man.i strongly believe in your point.while many will encourage the guy to leave the girl, the responsibility lay on the guy to do so.perhaps if he finds out every reason for that, he will take proper decision.

  50. My dear, to the best of my understanding please let the marriage go… a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage, because trust me u can’t trust her again…… trust is like a bottle when broken can never be fixed when fixed can never be the same…. so just let them, doe it will hurt it’s better you bear the pain now than marry her and leave in pain and hate

  51. First the impression of the bible permitting divorce on account of adultery is Moses’s teaching because their hearts were hardened but Jesus who is the sum and summit gave a new commandment saying “If anyone puts their spouse away and marries another, makes their spouse an adulterer so long as he/she lives. If you cant forgive then separation is fine so long as you remain faithful and single so long as your spouse lives…In this case at hand, they are yet to be married. Trust me they have been having that affair for as long as God knows and if not caught, one wouldnt hug repentance. My brother its better late than never. You arent going to spend the rest of your live with family, friends and guests but a woman and trust me that memory will haunt you for as long as they are around you. Call it a quit and let them sort themselves. If you must forgive her certainly go ahead but forgiveness doesnt mean go ahead with the marriage plans. If you still feel marrying her is fine by you make sure you do that after cooling off and observing a distance. Take a vacation and seek the face of the Lord but dont go ahead with the supposed marriage plans in three weeks. Dont be in a hurry to dump the bachelor status. May God guide you man

  52. It’s best u meet with both families tell them what you saw and quit the relationship. There’s no way u can ever trust the lady again if u decide to take her back

  53. The man should dismiss the marriage before it dismisses him. Other sins can be forgiving, but not se.xual immorality. It shows no respect for the man and It’s painful!

  54. I must sincerely say, the story is pathetic and can make the man to distrust women for life. The woman in question is a JEZEBELICAL JEZEBEL and his best friend is nothing but a betrayal, demon oriented fellow. He has shown how strong he is and handled ND controlled his temper, the same way he succeeded without hurting his friend ND fiance, should b a way foward to open up the wound. He can call for a pre wedding toast for both families and open d closed perfume so d aroma can be felt. The man is nothing but a man and I cherished his doggedness to handle such situation. He is indeed a brave man. And I pray for the right woman for him

  55. I must sincerely say, the story is pathetic and can make the man to distrust women for life. The woman in question is a JEZEBELICAL JEZEBEL and his best friend is nothing but a betrayal, demon oriented fellow. He has shown how strong he is and handled ND controlled his temper, the same way he succeeded without hurting his friend ND fiance, should b a way foward to open up the wound. He can call for a pre wedding toast for both families and open d closed perfume so d aroma can be felt. The man is nothing but a man and I cherished his doggedness to handle such situation. He is indeed a brave man.

  56. The truth will not hide for long, tell your mother, tell your not to be mother in-law what you saw and walk away , I suggest a holiday outside the country will be just fine, you’ve been with a woman that would have destroyed your entire future and God exposed and disgraced her so rejoice and be glad that her era of manipulation is over, be calm , be happy, see this as God’s express way of giving you a second chance at getting it right, as for your best friend, you’ll have to cut him off, pray and fast fervently and your chosen wife will come to you.

  57. The wound will heal but the scare will never
    Make a covenant with GOD and the direction is all yours
    You can’t never trust your finacee’ no matter what
    Forget the wedding and for the guest apologies will solve the problem.
    For both families be transparent only to the parents.

  58. The Best thing in this situation is to let the best man and the fiance have the wedding. The fiance should just take over the wedding and continue. Because the man will never be the same. That girl will forever know that someone did her a favor.

  59. Chioma its not fair for you to use this platform to advertise yourself, the issue on ground is that someone is agonizing and needs solution to the problem, pls park well.

  60. This is very pathetic dear. It is condemnable and it is outright betrayal both from the Lady in question and the best man. In all things we should give God the glory. I appreciate all the comments I read so far, good comments, outburst of emotions and anger. If God judges us the way we judge others, I wonder what our fate would be or what would become of us. Thank God for his mercies endureth forever. You can find it in your heart to forgive your fiancée and your best man, if you know they are the worst or that we have not erred against God and man…. please cast the first spell! This happened for a purpose, the decision is solely yours, you can forgive the girl and go ahead with the wedding or you postpone the wedding, put yourself together and God will direct you accordingly. There is no made in hheaveb husband or wife. We all strive to live right like children of God ,fear God and preserve our bodies as the temple of the holy spirit. Most of the people that commented on this page has done worst things. I pray for God to open the eyes of your heart, speak calmly to your spirit and direct you aright. Know that it ain’t over until God says it’s over, it ain’t over until God says he’s done with you. He is not done yet. Take care and all the best. Nd

    • I am really surprised at your contribution. We all have sins and work towards perfection, agreed. If the bible agrees that a man can put his wife away for marital unfaithfulness why would you advocate that he takes the woman back. If he decides to forgive and marry her after this, it is totally up to him. What is the guarantee that the woman wouldn’t do same in the future? And if he had not found out, do you realize she could be bringing her lover’s children as the husband’s? Trust once broken is difficult to rebuild. My take is that he should call a family meeting with the so called best friend and his family and insist he (best friend) marries the lady on the supposed wedding day, he could decide to let go the the expenses he has incurred for the preparations as something he can do for a friend.

      • And you expect him to force the best man into marriage because he owns him? Rubbish. The guy should just silently move on with his life cos he owes no one nothing. Shikena. Life is worst with certain knowledge.

  61. This is very pathetic dear. It is condemnable and it is outright betrayal both from the Lady in question and the best man. In all things we should God the glory. I appreciate all the comments I read so far, good comments, outburst of emotions and anger. If God judges us the way we judge others, I wonder what our fate would be or what would become of us. Thank God for his mercies endureth forever. You can find it in your heart to forgive your fiancée and your best man, if you know they are the worst or that we have not erred against God and man…. please cast the first spell! This happened for a purpose, the decision is solely yours, you can forgive the girl and go ahead with the wedding or you postpone the wedding, put yourself together and God will direct you accordingly. There is no made in hheaveb husband or wife. We all strive to live right like children of God ,fear God and preserve our bodies as the temple of the holt spirit. Most of the people that commented on this page has done worst things. I pray for Godbto open the eyes of your heart, speak calmly to your spirit and direct you aright. Know that it ain’t over until God says it’s over, it ain’t over until God says he’s done with you. He is not done yet. Take care and all the best. Nd

  62. There’s no wrong way to go about it….simply tell her and both families what he has seen, call off the wedding and move on. Even if, but some twisted fate, they get together again in future and possibly give it a try again, bottom line is: now is not the time for that……kick d girl out of ur life n move on

  63. You don’t know how to tell your parents and her’s you said? Tell them exactly what happened and cancel the whole marriage charade.

  64. Broadcast to everyone, tell her family, call off the wedding, suffer the heart break now so that you don’t suffer and die heart broken later.
    You are so lucky you caught them.

  65. Cancel the wedding and pray for your future partner. She will still keep date with your friend even if u get married to her they will plan where to meet. Just pull the bull by the hone and tell her parents and yours what u saw. Thanks and best wishes.

  66. he should just call it a quit and seek the presence of God for divine direction thanks. they both are not meant for each other.

  67. Even couples who are legitimately married the only condition for divorce is when you caught your partner right in the act of adultery, Now you are not even married & she’s been exposed fornicating under your roof, No fear of God, what counsel are you waiting for? do you need a prophet to tell you what to do? God is not an author of confusion, if God can expose her before the wedding day, God is simply telling you not to go ahead with the wedding, A broken relationship is beta than a broken marriage. A dog will always go back to his or her vomit, Whatever handwriting you see on the wall today while courting is an indication what will happen in your marriage. Forget about what you have invested in time of resources, it will be restored. God always take away the first to establish the second, until you allow that prostitute to go, the right lady will not come.
    It is well my brother.

    • Even though the bible says furnication is the way for divorced but rememember Jesus still did not permit divorce he is totally against it .cos marriage BTW a man and a woman is like marriage BTW Jesus and the church,and Jesus said it DAT in the beginning God created one man ,one woman not one man two or three wives or one woman two or three husband’s .so in marriage when a woman finds out her man is cheating on her and he ask for forgiveness she should forgive that should be a means to jump into another mans bed God is wise and he knows our tots,likewise the man too,in marriage we should be prayerful and learn to forgive and also tolerate its not a bed of roses. And the devil does not like marriage cos it is Gods own institution.

      • U got it all wrong, I’m marriage relationship, the woman wholly belongs to the man, not the other way round or even equal to the man,
        If a woman sleep any other man other his husband, she has committed adultery, but not the same situation with the man

  68. A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage because at times a broken relationship is a deliverance in disguise. That u discover dis anomaly I congratulate you.
    About informing ur family and hers, their is no big deal. Simply tell them the wedding is postponed till further notice, u will communicate to them in due course.
    Now go back to God and serve Him if you’re not genuinely born again please give your life to Christ He has the best for you (Romans 8:32).
    Guest what? You have a Bright future and ur marriage shall be Paradise on Earth.
    Best Regards

  69. Marriage is a serious union.
    Thank God that you discovered on time.
    My Advice: inform your people and her people what you saw then take a long walk from her and your best man before they will start pouring stories aganist you. Some doors have to close for deeply beautiful doors to open.
    All the best bro.

  70. Forget about the wedding. Its God that wants you not to raise bastard as your own children. Be grateful.

  71. Some men know their girlfriends are prostitutes yet they still go ahead and marry the ladies. She can change for better it is only her conscience will worry her till eternity, You can go ahead and marry her. Who knows who will cone next. Keep a sharp distance from your friend he is a killer. “Whoever sleep with one wife don’t mind killing at slight opportunity”. He is a weakening. Shame your friend that your wife is your wife, he should go and look for his own

  72. You are luck to find out on time otherwise you will have raised other man children as yours. Good riddance to bad rubbish

  73. This is bad. Just imagine you didnt find out about this till after the wedding. hmm. This sort of woman can kill sha. He should simply call it all off, explain to both families why, pick up himself and move on. U both are not yet married except u just want to marry her that way, then be ready for what comes with your decision. Good luck

  74. Mr quiecy story thanking Cynthia bcos she said wat u already want to do. I know u still luv her and it will be hard to leave her whether she fu.ck anoda u no mind. Anyway my advice is for u to marry her, ignor if she still like fu.ck anoda man and find urself ur own fu.ck mate. Then years latercu divorce wen any of una tire. Or:
    U end that shit and look for the girl u Neva catch yet with anoda man (cos almost all the girls like many prick) and marry in anoda suitable date. Then years later una go enjoy bcos no bad memories.

  75. Hmmm this is atough one, marriage is a very serious business, and should be treated as such. This guy should go on his knees to ask God for direction

  76. what is the meaning of tell me why you did what you did that is an action that was planned and carried out bros end that marriage trust me she would do it again na for your safety i write this comment sha

  77. U guys should remember that he only have just 3 weeks to the wedding. No time! From my own humble opinion, the girl in question is not meant for that guy…….She is not her missing ribs!!!!

  78. Send letters cancelling the wedding. Seek the face of God for a while and God will direct you on what to do. Simple text message or email can do it.

  79. She is not yet his wife and it is quite easy at this point to truncate all arrangement. He will only incur costs for thing he already paid for. He should first ask her why she did it and then send the lady away, and inform her father,mother, brother and his own parents . he can then decide whether to wed someone else on that day or wed the same woman but be ready to father someone’s child or go to early grave.

  80. Come to me am available and God fearing I will comfort you in the midst of this heartbreak. That’s not a good woman to be with she can kill you for something pleasurable to her. call me on this line

  81. I will advice that you still wed that day, but with her friend. If you know any of her friend who is fateful enough and good to make a wife, then go for her. Don’t inform ur visitors, just confide in your family and share with anyone close enough to know

  82. My dear, you better cancel the wedding right now, God is not in support of that wedding, i suggest u maintain d wedding date, but not your fiancee again but let ur family get u a good fearing lady u can marry & have peace of mind to avoid untimely death bcos that ur fiancee will still collaborate with dat same guy(best man) & send u to early grave & be enjoying ur wealth whereby ur in d grave crying bitterly without a solution… a word is enough 4 d wise… May God grant u wisdom fast…

  83. he should put the wedding on hold for now. call for an emergency meeting explain to the fiancée’s mum, his own mum and the fiancée herself to explain why she acted that way. when things are not meant for you God has a way of exposing them. a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. I know how you are feeling right now but you need to hold yourself together . you don’t need any explanation to give to anyone. they will only come to eat rice, amala and oha soup but they don’t know what you are passing through. but if you feel you love her as you claim you can forgive her and continue with the wedding. it your choice but think wisely your decision lays in your hands.
    talking from experience.
    All the best with your decisions.

    • Thank you my dear…that’s a level headed reply. In addition, Please do not because of this one mishap shy away from marriage its a beautiful thing when you do it right. Seek counsel from God!

  84. Council the wedding with her and take one of her single best friend to alter on that day as your wedded wife because many will be looking for that opportunity.

    • stop thinking and just cancel d wedding because broken courtship is better than broken marriage. At d moment dt is what it is. forget d money u have spent. u will make it back even more. u need trust in a marriage. dt u no longer have so cancel it and tell everyone d truth. don’t hid evil. expose it.
      wish u well in ur future marriage, not this one. cheers

  85. He should as soon as possible CANCEL the wedding or else if he goes ahead with the wedding the lady will continue to cheat and he will be saddled with another mans kid(s).If his best friend is good enough to sleep with the Lady in question should MARRY HIM THEN!!!

  86. Are your a Christian?
    Go and meet a real man of God to counsel you.
    But if you know you that you don’t have a BIG hear to contain this shock, then boost the relationship. Because a abandoned relationship is better than a divorce.
    Take an emergency trip now, put off your phone, not in contact with anyone, even your parents, to surface after the wedding day.

    How are we sure that affair does not have a pending baby in the womb waiting to be delivered after the wedding. There could be tendency to continue having secret affair during marriage and making baby for you.

    In all, BE WISE

    • Funny go for counseling you say . mehn … dont kill this guy before is time . do you expect the man of God to tell him to leave the lady . omo na wa to u o . yes he has loved her like yesterday is coming again but wat matters now is his tomorrow life . well sha . for me i jst think he should just let go .

  87. No need bidding something that will hunt you for the rest of your life. Just let them know what happen and move on with your life. Pray and trust God for a better partner.

  88. No sentiment, he should cancel the wedding. This is the sign that the marriage will not work. Let him the both family members and every other important person that needs to know about it.

  89. The best friend want to set his fiancee up. He should investigate what brought up the attitude. He should not tell his mother yet, but tell the lady’s family first. If what he find out doesn’t sound well then he should let his own be aware of the situation and end the relationship. Thank u.

  90. He should tell his parents first, after which he proceed to d church to begin d calling off d wedding from their, ,,,i believe ds kind of news travel like wild fire n don’t need a media,,,,,, Take heart Bro cos she s not urs….and Tnk God it happened b4 d wedding

  91. Thank God the wedding was still in the “incubator,’ God loves this guy so much to have revealed the true identity of a “prostitute wife” to be. A leopard can never has is skin change even with a trillion birth with soap from anywhere.Forget about the money spent on wedding arrangements or any other. Please seek God intervention and be more prayerful for a life partner.You too should get more serious with your life. So, move on guy and be in the company of right people for counseling.Bible forbid divorce but on one ground,FORNICATION AND ADULTERY!

  92. He should tell his own mum and the fiancee’s brothers, sisters, father and mother. The fiances mum should be the last person to be told. Thank You

    • A lot has already been said. I just want to add that, the woman in question is not your wife. Just let her go. I mean you had only three weeks left so why can’t she wait? The worst of it all is that she used your friend in your bed. That woman can kill you. The same situation you find yourself today may play back tomorrow and believe me she may even use your blood brother. Simply call off the wedding after informing both parents, forgive her and move on with your life. I am very sure God has a good plan for you. Just trust in Him and it will be well with you.

      • Well, the deal has been done but I strongly advise the guy to follow his mind. I can’t advise you to continue with d wedding when he can’t longer trust her, marriage is all about trust.

        However, he can only open up to both family only if he has made up his mind that is not going to have the wedding.



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