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A Man Cries Out For Help – Tramadol is Killing My Friend


A man has gone on a popular forum to share how his friend has gotten himself so addicted to the banned drug ‘Tramadol’.

According to him, his friend is already losing focus and he is getting more aggressive as the day goes by.

The man also said that his friend craves for the drug has started while they were both in school as the friend claimed the drug assist him in assimilating fast whatever he reads back then.

Read his story below:

Let me go straight to the point I’ve got this friend of mine who stays in the same estate her with me in ibeju-lekki area this young man is in his late twenties and also a graduate, this his addiction started way back when we were still undergraduate.

He used to use this particular drug just because of reading sake Co’s he once told me his brain it’s always at it’s peak whenever his on this drug and he tends to assimilate anything he reads, now he’s outta school though he got side hustle put guys my guy is outta hand the rate at which he takes this drugs now is alarming the reason I’m saying this is simply on the fact that I was with him yesterday evening and I needed him to enter d number of a mechanic he recommended for me to fix ma car,… his hand was really shaking badly that I noticed he had to quickly adjust by using the other hand to hold on to the phone.

I tried engaging him into a man on man conversation but he reluctantly snapped out! so when we drove to his apartment I noticed just when he was about to take a leak just outta curiosity I entered his room and saw lots of sachets of these particular drugs I mean lots of it, so I confronted him and there he goes telling me he can’t go a day without taking anything less than 800-1000mg I didn’t know when I said, Jesus,, and he is always aggressive I’m just feeling very concerned the thing is that he doesn’t listen to me on matters like this, and he’s fiance is a nurse and she’s also not aware of his addiction

His mother too isn’t aware although both his mum and girl are close to me I’m thinking of bringing them into talking to him especially his fiance Co’s I know he loves and respects her and would most likely listen to her, but at the same time I don’t want to be seeing as a snitch and end up spoiling our relationship he’ll never tell me anything and most likely won’t trust me! how Do I bring them to know about this without making it all pointing to me, note I’m the only one he opened up to.. even he’s fiance as close as she is she has no idle about his addiction and seriously assuming he’s only taking it occasionally I won’t mind or maybe taking it on a low quantity I’ll just be about fine but a thousand mills daily hahba he needs help!


  1. Guy is better he ends the relationship with you and live than you keeping quiet and he dies (remember when he dies the relationship is gone).Tell whoever you need to tell so there can help the guy. one day he will come to thank and appreciate what you have done for him.


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