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Man dies as his Bulletproof Charm didn’t Work During Testing In Katsina State


A 27-year-old man by name Aliyu Yahuza has died after the bulletproof charm he got from a local medicine seller in Katsina State, failed to work for him.

Reports are that the young man died while testing the power of the bulletproof charm.

The native medicine seller, known as Usman Saidu, has been detained in prison custody in affiliation with the death of Yahuza.

According to report, the deceased was said to have drunk a ‘bullet-repelling’ concoction prepared by Saidu, who assured him that he could not die from gunshot.

This claim given to him by the native doctor proved to be fatally wrong as Yahuza died instantly after he presented himself to be shot with a Dane.

The 42-year-old native doctor has been charged with criminal conspiracy and culpable homicide and will be in the prison custody till February 22, 2018 when his case would come up for mention before a senior magistrate, Hajiya Falila Dikko.

The police prosecutor, Inspector Sani Ado, who read the First Information Report on the incident to the hearing of the court on Tuesday, said, “Saidu was given a dane gun to test the reliability of the charm, but when he fired a shot at Yahuza’s chest, he fell down and died on the spot.

“The victim was taken to the General Hospital, Dustinma, where he was confirmed dead by doctors”.

The police said Saidu acted contrary to sections 97 and 222(7) of Penal Code Code. Ado, however, said investigation was still in progress and prayed for an adjournment which the court granted.


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